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Is my marriage legal because my husband used fake i.d. without me knowing?

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If your husband marry you using somebody else's name... then you probably didnt marry the person who you thought he was. The reason why its because that's not his name. Using someone else's id its illegal.

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Can my husband file a divorce without marriage certificate?

Can a husband and wife get divorce without marriage certificate around them

Can a husband video his wife without her knowing it?

not without her permission, if you do it anyways she can have you charged.

What is Ki baalecha asechah in Hebrew?

It's difficult to tell without knowing how it's spelled, but it looks like: כי בעלך עשיך "because your husband, your actions" or "because your husband did it to you"

Can you divorce your husband in nyc without him knowing?

No, for the same reason you cannot marry him without him knowing. If it is a matter of abuse you should go to the police for legal protection.

What are the beliefs of Muslims about marriage?

Marriage is a sacred institution in Islam. No man and woman can live together as husband and wife without proper marriage.

Both husband and wife are on deed as joint owners. Can husband make a deed to a girlfriend without the wife knowing?


Can you get married at the age of 15 without your parents knowing?

No. At 15 they will not issue you a marriage license without a court order.

If Husband took out credit card in wife name without her knowing it?

it would be fraud

How can i get pregnant without my husband knowing?

You don't try to screw up not only his life, but that of the baby.

Can a wife claim a share in the trust of her husband set by his parents before the marriage?

Without knowing the specific wording of the trust document, it is impossible to answer this question. If there is a clause, or clauses that refer to, future spouses, or "heirs and assigns" she might be.

Could you get abs without knowing that you do have them?

no because if you get them you feel them

Husband open bank accounts without wife knowing is that fraud?

Opening bank accounts, by itself, without his wife knowing is not fraud. Failure to disclose them during a divorce proceeding would be fraudulent.

How can you transmit chlamydia or gonorrhea without knowing it?

Someone can transmit chlamydia or gonorrhea without knowing because they never got tested. Because you can have these infections without having symptoms, you can be spreading them without being aware that you're infected.

Can a husband obtain a divorce in the US from his wife who resides in Mexico without her knowing?

It is not possible of obtain a divorce without the knowledge of any one of the couples.

Got married took husbands last name found out our marriage was not legal because of his divorce was not final how do i go about going back to my maiden name without a divorce decree?

If your marriage was not legal because your husband was still married (in which care your husband committed the crime of bigamy), then you can simply go back to using your maiden name (you can't get divorced as you were never legally married).

Can a husband bug his house without his wife knowing?

He needs to check the laws in his state. He should consult with an attorney first.

What is the legal position of husband with the regard to a wife's property when she was single?

In the Modern Western World the husband has no claim to his wife's property that she acquired prior to marriage. He may have rights as a surviving spouse under state laws of intestacy if she died without a will.

If a US citizen unknowingly marries an illegal Is the marriage legal?

Even without knowing the spouseÕs status, the marriage is binding. Proceeding with a divorce is the only way to legally separate for that person.

Why would your ex keep you in his life before and after his marriage to another woman without you ever knowing he was married?

how else would he get sex from you!

Why do human marriage?

Well marriage is a beautiful institution, based on the foundation of love. We fall in love once and get married once in lifetime. I dont understand how people can fake love and marriage. A coworker who once told me that her marriage is over because her husband is after some girl, was in love with the guy since four years. The guy was after this girl without the girl's knowledge.

What are the uses of marriage?

marriage is best of uses in life without marriage you can't leave better life leaving . marriage is a one typy of relation ship husband & wife .& love care full to each other . Indian Marriage

What is considered Marriage abandonment in New Jersey?

If the husband and wife are staying in New Jersey , and the husband leaves the wife without at all informing her, a case of abandonment can be very well filed.

Can your husband sell your home from under you and your children after eight years of marriage?

Only if he owned the house before your marriage. If the house was purchased during the marriage, you should be part owner and he would not be able to sell the house without your approval.

What to do if your husband is gay?

It's best to end the relationship as soon as you can, unless you are somehow able to work out a marriage without intimate relations.

What does it mean to be a dowerless girl?

Dower less Girl- a girl without a dower, the property or wealth a women brought to her husband at marriage.