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Formally, she stops being your aunt when they divorce; but that does not mean you can't still keep contact and be friends if you both want to.

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Q: Is my uncle's ex still my aunt?
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What is your uncles ex wife in relation to you?

Your uncles ex wife would be your ex aunt by marriage.

Why are some kids uncles?

Your uncle/aunt's son/daughter is an adult and you are still small, your uncle/aunt's daughter had a child, and that child will call you uncle. Uncles/aunts are your dad/mom's siblings.

What would you call your uncles aunt?

Great aunt.

What is you uncles kid to you?

Cousin. Your parents brothers and sisters are aunts and uncles. and the aunt and uncles children are your cousins.

Did Rosa Parks have an aunt and uncles?

She had aunt named Mattie McCauley

Your aunt and uncles children are your?


Does Artemis have any aunt or uncles?

Very true. Zeus had siblings and so did Leto. Therefore Artemis had aunts and uncles.

What is your grandfather's stepson's ex-wife in relationship to you?

Your grandfather's step-son would be your uncle, or step-uncle, depending on how technical you are getting. Your uncle's ex-wife would be your aunt, ex-aunt, or ex-step aunt, again depending on how technical you are getting. Blood-wise, she is no relationship, so it comes down to if you still want to consider her an aunt or not. If you still want to have that relationship with her, it is okay. If you don't, there is really no commitment.

How is my uncles wife sister related to me?

You are not related to your uncles wife sister. However some may think an aunt

What is your relationship to your uncles sister?

your aunt but it depends if it is by marrige

What do you call your uncles wife's mom?

Your aunt's mom.

What is my mom's sister called?

She would be your aunt. Your mother's brothers are called uncles. If your aunt was married to a male, he would also be your uncle. If your aunt was married to a female, she would be your aunt as well.

Can you marry your uncles ex wife whos been deported from us for a drug charge but has a child living in the us?

Not in the US. Your uncle's ex wife is your aunt. State laws in the US do not permit marriage between related family members. It is called incest.

When is National Aunt's Day?

July 26th is Aunts & Uncles Day

Did Bill Cosby have any aunts and uncles?

yes he did his aunt name was Francine

What would your step mother's step sister be to you?

Your Aunt. With Aunts and Uncles there is often no blood relationship howerver they are still your Aunt or Uncle. With step families taking the role of step Grandman, Grandpa, Cousins Aunts and Uncles it is more of what the individuals feel comfortable with. If her name was Beth, you could call her Aunt Beth if you were comfortable with it or just Beth is fine. If they were step sisters before you were born and the family is close then she would be your Aunt since birth and no step class is really recognized. If you were older when the marriage took place then a first name is fine.

What do you call your grandma's sister's children?

They would be your second Uncle/Aunt (or an equivalent relation).AnswerLet's take this apart. Your Mother's sister is your Aunt.Your Aunt's children are your cousins.Your grandmother's sister is your Great Aunt.That means your Great Aunt's children are your second cousins. Theses cousins children will be your third cousins, and so on.I have never heard of second Aunts & Uncles but rather great Aunts & Uncles.

What is your mother's sister's aunt called?

Since your mother and her sister have thesame aunts and uncles, your mother's sister's aunt is your grand aunt or, as some sat, your great aunt.

What is the term los tios mean?

It can either mean uncles or aunt(s) and uncle(s)

Is your uncles wife you antie if they are not your mum or dads sister?

Not genetically, they are your aunt as in family but you do not share and blood with them.

Is there a national aunts day?

There is a National Aunt and Uncles Day on July 26th each year.

Do aunt and uncles have to be blood related?

Your aunts and uncles are the sisters and brothers of your parents. So they are "blood related." But you also call the husband of your mother's sister your uncle, and he is not "blood related." So aunts and uncles are not always really related to you.

What do you call yours maternal uncle's wife?

Parents uncles is called your Grandpa, therefore, his wife has no relation with you.

Did Maniac Magee live with his aunt and uncle?

Maniac ran away because his parents died. He eventually ended up at his aunt and uncles house. Hope this helped you! :)

What is the symbolic meaning of a feather?

on the 17th anniversary of my uncles death my aunt found a feather on her diningroom floor ?