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Is natural shampoo better for hair loss?


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No, it is not.

The hair care industry with its numerous hair cosmetics was engaged in providing products which were to make hair shinier, fuller, and silkier; in effect more beautiful. But now they have shifted their sights from that, to developing products that claim to stop hair loss as well as to help with hair growth.

Many shampoos such as those with panthenol (vitamin B-5), or 2-in-1 shampoos and also �natural� shampoos are being advertised as the better option for preventing hair loss. But there is no scientific proof to back such claims that a shampoo can stop hair loss or that a natural shampoo is better for hair loss than any other type.

According to the American laws, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) requires any manufacturer of any product claiming to prevent hair loss or assist in growth of hair, to file a new drug application. But so far the FDA has not approved any cosmetic product; natural shampoo or otherwise, for re-growth of hair.

What natural shampoos do is, coat the hair strands with some oils and natural substances which can help to retain moisture in the hair strands and make them appear fuller. This just increases the volume of the hair and that too temporarily. The increased volume may lead you to believe that you have grown new hair but in no way can any natural shampoo achieve that.

The FDA is taking measures to stop manufacturers of shampoos and other hair cosmetics from making unsubstantiated claims about the usefulness of their products in treating hair loss. The FDA has even issued a warning to Paramus, N.J., the makers of �Natural Hairs� for claiming that their natural shampoos and products could prevent hair loss and grow new hair.

What you as a consumer and one suffering from hair loss needs to remember is that, there is no �secret� or magical ingredient in any natural shampoo that can help with your hair loss. And if there ever is to be one, it is definitely not going to remain a secret for long.


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