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No. Nibiru is a fictitious planet that gained popularity during the 2012 end of the world scare.


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The name of planet X is Nibiru

No. Nothing is replacing Pluto. Nibiru is not a real object but a hoax. Biyo is not a planet but an asteroid.

Neptune, Pluto, Or planet X (Or Nibiru) are discovered. On the future, Nibiru is discovered. The Future Year: 2111

If you are referring to "Nibiru" then it is nowhere. No such "planet x" exists.

There is no "Planet X", no "Nibiru". That's something for scary campfire stories and bad dreams. It is a hoax, a fairy tale, an insane fable. One of the most important things I taught my son when he was little was the difference between "real" and "pretend". "Nibiru" is pretend.

Nothing. Nibiru or Planet X did its usual Planet X activities in 2012.

No one did. It doesn't exist. Planet X means a planet without a name. And if nibiru or planet X was going to hit us it would take up 75% of the night sky and we would have been able to see it since 2003

A planet after the dwarf planet Pluto It Is A Name For A Unnamed And Unconfirmed Planet See related question for Nibiru

This planet (or object in space) is planet X, or as most people refer to it to; planet Nibiru.

"Planet X" is the temporary name given to a planet that lacks a designation. Pluto was, at one point, known as Planet X. Some members of the cults that have formed around the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory believe, in ignorance, that 'Planet X' is NASA's secret name for Nibiru, a mythical, large, planet-like object that is predicted (by Nancy Lieder) to collide with Earth.

No, because Nibiru doesn't exist.

No planet has crashed into earth, there was romers that, that was going to happen in 2012. but it didn't. the planet was called planet x or Nibiru

There is no such planet. This is all a myth. The only thing I could find on Nibiru is Wormwood a star that is mentioned in Revelations. People say it's going to arrive here in 2012 and cause a poleshift, but personally I think it's a bunch of Bull. Nibiru is not the planet you are looking for, it is Marduk or Planet X which are the same.

Yes and no. "Planet X" is a designation given temporarily to any new planet with no name. It does not refer to a specific planet, and once a planet is given a name, 'Planet X' is discarded as a title. Several planets, including Pluto, have been referred to as "Planet X."Supporters of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is NASA's method of keeping "Nibiru," a mythical, large planet-like object, secret, as part of a cover up. There is no scientific foundation for this "theory."

"Planet X" is a temporary title given to a newly discovered planet with no official designation. The title is dispensed with once a planet is given a permanent designation. There is no specific planet called "Planet X." Several planets, including Pluto, have been called this before being named. Believers of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is the name that NASA has given "Nibiru," a mythical planet-like object, as part of a cover up. As 'Planet X' might be any planet, it might be any size.

There is no such planet, it is a hoax.

Nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist. It is not going to hit the Earth.

Nobody found it. The Nibiru hoax was created in 1995.

There is no planet Nibiru. It is a myth, so any depictions of size or color would be fiction. (see related link)

Nancy Lieder's imagination.

That's a rather difficult question; "Planet X" is a temporary title that may refer to any planet that may or may not exist, or does not have a permanent designation. Therefore, as "Planet X" may be any newly found planet that has yet to be confirmed, it may have nearly anything on it. For a while, Pluto was referred to as "Planet X," but was then verified and given a permanent name.Believers of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is the name NASA has given to "Nibiru," a mythical planet-like object, as part of a conspiracy/cover up. There is no scientific foundation for this "theory."

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's not close to Earth or any other planet.

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