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Is nicholas andrew gould the freeholder of 36 christchurch st east frome somerset england?


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Nicholas Andrew Gould May be the Queen of the May. His name was used when I bought a flat in Frome, Somerset, England, United Kingdom. Steve Palfrey, Clive Lewis letting agent, Nicholas Robinson, Robinsons, Bath St., Frome, Somerset, Nicholas Andrew Gould, his staff of 4 in a Coach House in Long Sutton, Somerset cannot be Nicholas Andrew Gould & cannot pretend to be the freeholder of 36 Christchurch St. East, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1QH. They are ludicrous liars, Robinson cannot pretend to be a solicitor, Palfrey cannot remember anything & does not phone Mr. Magoo to tell him the script. The freeholder is probably Ginni, Morrell Crescent, Littlemore, Oxford. She is a fraud & writes police reports, medical reports & letters & bills. Ruth Jolly.