Is nick dating anyone?

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Who is Nick santino dating?

nick santino not dating anyone at the moment :)

Is Nick Jonas and Ellie volbrecht dating?

NO Nick isn't dating anyone.

Who is this jenna that Nick Jonas is dating?

Nick Jonas isn't dating anyone named Jenna.

Is nick brown dating anyone?

i have no clue who nick brown is. :P

Is Nick Zano dating anyone?

He is dating Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach.

Is Malese Jow Nick Jonas' girlfriend?

No. She is not dating him. All I know is that Nick Jonas is not currently dating anyone [June 2, 2008]. I have no idea about Malese. No. She is not dating him. All I know is that Nick Jonas is not currently dating anyone [June 2, 2008]. I have no idea about Malese.

Is Joe Kevin or Nick dating anyone?

No, the none of the Jonas Brothers are dating anyone. Everyone is hearing that Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are dating but, that's not true. Selena and Nick are just close friends and are NOT!! dating. So all of the Jonas Brothers are single. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! Here I come Joe!!

Is Nick Jonas Seeing Anybody?

Nick Jonas was dating Selena Gomez, but then they broke up. So, now he's not dating anyone.

Is nick Jonas dating a girl called sam?

no, he is not dating anyone at the moment right now.

Is Nick Jonas dating any one else besides miley?

I dont think he is dating miley he is not dating anyone!!!

Is meaghan Martin dating anyone?

Meaghan martin is not dating anybody but i think her and nick Jonas would be a cute couple

Who are Flarp and Malark dating?

Im not sure if Flarp is dating anyone right now, I think shes single, but Malark is dating Nick Jonas.

Does nick like dating?

Does Nick like dating

Is Nick Jonas currently dating anyone?

Sabrina Banks. She said No but nick didn't even answer the question. and they were making out in Wyckoff ,New Jersey.

Who are nick and Joe and Kevin Jonas dating now?

Kevin is married Joe just broke with Demi Nick I don't think anyone.

Nick Jonas was on this interview and he said his closest girl friend was this jenna girl Is he dating her?

He is not dating anyone named Jenna!!! He's dating a girl named Hannah!

Is Nick Jonas dating Selina gomas?

Nick is dating miley

Who is Nicole Anderson boyfriend?

Cody Linley in 2008 and in the TV show Jonas L.A she is dating Nick She is not dating anyone now in real ife

Is torrie Wilson seeing anyone?

Torrieis currently dating Nick Mitchell who is also her business partner.

Who does the Jonas Brothers date?

In every interview, the Jonas Brothers always say that they are single and not dating anyone, but it is rumoured that Nick is dating Selena Gomez and that Joe is dating Taylor Swift.

Are the other Jonas brothers dating any not nick?

No,and Nick IS NOT dating Selena

Is nick roux dating anyone?

he is currently dating naomi scott since lemonade mouth they have been caught kissing in california and out of the scenes of lemonade mouth

Are the Jonas Brothers dating anyone?

Joe might be dating Taylor Swift, I'm not sure if that is fact or fiction yet, and Kevin and Nick are single. However, I hear Nick likes Jordan Pruitt, and Jordan likes him back... well joe might be datind Taylor swift....nick might be with Selena Gomez and Kevin i don't think anyone

Do miley have a problem that Selena is dating nick?

no miley is ok with Selena nick dating . Miley and nick are friends .

Would Nick Jonas date a minor?

The Jonas Brothers would be very careful about dating anyone underage.