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Is nintendo ds lite only console that plays Game Boy Advance games?


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2011-08-24 19:56:19

No, GBA games can be played on the following:


GBA SP (+),

GBA Micro,

DS (original),

DS lite.

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The Nintendo 64 is a video game console that plays 64 bit cartridge games developed for the console.

i should think so because my UK ds plays us games

There is no Nintendo console that plays cartridges from all 3 of those console's games. However, you can download games from all three of those consoles from the Wii's Wii Shop Channel.

Yes, because a Gameboy Advance SP plays Gameboy Advance games:Only GameBoy Advanced (GBA) games will work on a Nintendo DS.Original GameBoy, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket or GameBoy Colour games will NOT work on a Nintendo DS.

No there isnt. The DSi can take photos but can't play GBA games.

The 3DS has its own games that only work on that console because they're too advanced for the older ones. But it plays regular DS games too.

if you mean what other console is it for then none, its made by nintendo. you can play it on wii because wii plays gamecube games.

Never. The gamecube line was never meant to be continued, and due to the low success of the console, Nintendo wouldn't of made another one anyways. However, the Nintendo Wii, their latest home console, has been out for around 2 to 3 years, and plays your old gamecube games as well as the new wii games.

Of course not they are both completely different consoles. I know 3DS is compatible with the DS. And the Wii is compatible with the gamecube. The DS is a handheld and the Wii U is a home console. Hand held and Home console does not mix. The wii u looks as it plays hand held games but it's a home console. The Wii U console needs to stream games to the controller.

No and neither console plays the others games

Yes, it plays most if not all of the old Advance games.

The Nintendo DSi is just an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi plays the exact same games as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and only plays DS and DS Lite games. Currently, there aren't going to be any DSi games, only more DS games.

No, the Nintendo 3DS plays 3DS games, DS games, DSi games, and DSiWare games.

As of yet you can't download GameCube Games (Legally).The Wii plays them however there isn't a system category for GameCube games.I'd suggest buying it or waiting for the next generation Nintendo Console- maybe then we'll be able to download GameCube Games.

You're really comparing Apple products to oranges here, since the 3DS is a game console, while the iPhone is a phone that plays music and games. They both excel in their respective areas.

yes there is a slot at the bottom of the DS that holds and plays GBA games.

no, all those old games like game boy color are not that popular and it wouldn't be bought as much as the other types of ds's. There is no need to make a handheld that plays games no one plays anymore.

Yes; Game Boy Advance SP plays all games from the original Game Boy, and not just Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

Yes h e plays gameboy advance

VisualBoy Advance is a Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance emulator. if you want it and other emulators and systems, go to Emuparadice. if you want a nintendo DS i suggest desmume. Nintendo 64=Project 64. GBA=Visualboy advance. Gamecube...well i'm not sure on that one. so there you have it. NOTE:the Visualboy advance as far as i know only plays GBA emulations. Happy Emulator/Emulation hunting! :)

yah my xbox 360 plays PAL, but Nintendo games are not region-free generally.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the second Nintendo home console. It was released in 1991 and it plays 16-bit game cartridges. [Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country]

No it is not. A DVD player is not a game console and plays DVDs

Nintendo DS are region-free, mine plays European, American and Japanese games just fine.

Maybe something that plays all the Nintendo games. But it would be huge to be able to have all of those game slots and controller slots. That's my opinion. (Different Person) I personally believe that they will make something related to the Wii. Like something like gloves or boots that enable movement on the console. But that's what I want. If you want something that you would like, just send it to the Nintendo Co. in Kyoko, Japan with a letter. That's what I did and they replied back. The new console for Nintendo is................... Nintendo Live! And the first game........... The Legend of Zelda! (Needs a title) Which comes with a sword and shield And the consloe comes with gloves and boots ! All thanks to me!

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