Is noel fielding dyslexic?

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In an interview with Bizarre Magazine, it stated that he has "dyslexia that wasn't diagnosed until later in life."
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Are Yvette Fielding and Noel Fielding related?

Answer . No, I dont think that Yvette Fielding (Presenter on Most Haunted) and Noel Fielding (Comedian) are related. If they are then there is no record on the internet of it. I would like to know what made you think that apart from their surnames.?. Thanks, ylimE. xx

Who is noel fielding dating?

Noel dated Dee Plume for a very long time, up until mid 2009. He was then seen with Pixie Geldof for some time, however he denied dating her. He is now dating Lliana Bird, a radio personality, dj and interviewer.

Who is noel fielding?

Noel Fielding is an English Comedian. He is most well known as halfof the comedy duo, The Mighty Boosh.

How could you contact Noel Fielding?

Camden in the north west of london, you wont find his proper address as it is private information and he probably wouldn't want weird stalkers following him around and turning up at his house..... here is his fan mail address:. Noel Fielding. PBJ Management 7 Soho Street London W1D 3DQ UK ( Full Answer )

Is Noel Fielding djing tonight?

Nowadays, Noel does not DJ as much as he used to. He is concentrating on Boosh as well as his own personal work and projects right now.

Is actor noel fielding gay?

It has been rumoured that actor Noel Fielding is gay. This is not the case, the fact that he was going out with Robots In Disguise's Dee Plume for years proves that he is certainly not gay. Bisexual...maybe, that is up to him personally he's a good actor and even if he was gay i'd still think that. ( Full Answer )

Does Noel fielding smoke?

I think Noel may be a social smoker, in other words he will only light up if he is around other smokers whereas, if he was alone, he wouldn't. Also he isn't a full-time smoker because he is only ocassionally seen with cigarettes. =] Is this any help?

How can you contact noel fielding?

Noel Fielding. PBJ Management 7 Soho Street London W1D 3DQ UK. why not write to him! i did and got his autograph back it was amazing! so give it a try!!!

Is Noel Fielding gay?

Noel Fielding isn't gay. In interviews he has revealed that he does find some men quite attractive and that he's made-out other men but says that he once tried to go further and couldn't, so he decided it wasn't for him.

Is noel fielding married?

No but he has a long term girlfriend who he lives with called Dee Plume. If your a fan of the boosh Dee appears in nearly all of the episodes with her blonde band member Sue of 'Robots in Disguise.' Most obvious episodes are the crack fox where naboo uses Dee to speak to Vince or Nanageddon where vi ( Full Answer )

What is the sexual orientation of Actor Noel Fielding?

Officially he is straight, and has lived with a woman for around eight years. Certainly he is caught being, er, "friendly" with a lot of women if my friends on the Camden party scene are to be believed.. Having said that his character in the Mighty Boosh is bisexual, and the character is supposed t ( Full Answer )

How does Noel Fielding show kindness?

Noel Fielding, by nature, is a very kind person. He is very caring, and thoughtful of others and their feelings. He shows kindness in ways that many people do. He likes making people happy, and that is surely the ultimate display of kindness.

Is Noel fielding on drugs?

Noel Fielding no longer takes illegal drugs. He had a phase with them last year (2009) and is now fully sober.

Does noel fielding do drugs?

While its been beleived he's previously done drugs, including such things as cocaine, its currently beleived that the most addicting substance he uses is alcohol. he got over this stage because of Amelia trapp, his new girl friend..

Does noel fielding drive?

I belive he can drive, but I do not believe he does. In a radio interview I was listening to with him and Julian as guest stars, Julian stated at one point "...It was me driving around, since Noel doesn't drive..." Please don't quote me on that, for I've only heard the interview once, but I trust Ju ( Full Answer )

Does Noel Fielding answer fan mail by himself?

i have absolutely no idea, however i did send a drawing to him in the mail and asked if he could sign it and it came back in the mail about 5 minutes ago and its signed and it has 3 kisses and a boosh head he drew!! :D so either way it does eventually get to him. im so excited im still screaming!!! ( Full Answer )

Is noel fielding engaged?

No He's Not, But It's Rumored That He Once Asked Dee To Marry Him Only To Be Turned Down Because She Wasn't Ready To Commit..=( They've Broken Up Now And He's In A Relationship With A Beautiful Woman Called Lliana Bird. Noel And Lliana ♥

Address of noel fielding?

hi, ive been trying to find this out for a while the best ive managed is hammersmith or camdem not sure which one but if your in that area just go down to camdem town tube station or the worlds end pub round the corner. i managed to get lucky and met him on the tube 2-3 stop before camdem he signe ( Full Answer )

Where does Noel Fielding shop?

Noel Fielding loves to shop at TopShop. However he also very much enjoys shopping thrift shops as well. He loves unique and different pieces. Often he was spotted in thrift shops (And TopShop as well, actually) in NYC this past June (2010) while he, Julian, and Dave Brown were here recording the Boo ( Full Answer )

Is Noel Fielding a coke head?

Yes. He is a massive coke head. I have a friend who has seen him buy it, and i have seen him many times when he is on it. It's pretty obvious.

Who was dyslexic?

Anthony Andrews - Actor Kirsty Alsopp - TV presenter Damon Albarn - Singer / Song writer Muhammad Ali - Former Boxer Fred Astaire - Actor David Bailey - Photographer Louis Barnett- Chocolatier and Entrepreneur Michael Barrymore - TV personality Orlando Bloom - Actor Marlon Brando - Actor Richard Bra ( Full Answer )

Is noel fielding a drug addict?

Noel Fielding used to use drugs excessively, but he is now sober and clean. So no, Noel Fielding is not a drug addict.

Does Noel Fielding use the internet?

Ha ha, yes, he does. He is not completely technology disabled. He uses email, twitter, and the internet in general just like everyone else. He does not, however, use it as much as everyone else.

What music does noel fielding listen to?

Noel listens to a very very large range of different music, so I'll just list a few that I can think of off the top of my head. . The Rolling Stones . The Who . The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster . Gary Numan . David Bowie . The Kills . The Dead Weather . Tame Impala . Frank Zappa . K ( Full Answer )

What school did noel fielding go to?

Noel attended Croydon Art College and Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. Buckinghamshire is now known as Buckinghamshire New University.

What car does noel fielding own?

Noel Fielding doesn't own a car - he doesn't drive. Living in London, there isn't much point. He uses the underground service and taxi's.

Does noel fielding still drink?

Yes, Noel drinks. He went t-total for a short bit of time right after Christmas 2009, but now drinks occasionally.

Who does noel fielding go out with?

The last thing I heard was that he was dating Lliana Bird. I heard this was definitely true in October 2010. I have not heard anything about it since so this seems to hint that they are still together. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

What was noel fielding like as a child?

Noel has said that he was always strange as a child (shocking, right? ;] ) He has always enjoyed art, and drawing, since a very young age. He has joked that he would be sitting in the shade of a tree, drawing in silence while everyone else played around in the sun. Im sure he was a very happy and ( Full Answer )

Is Noel Fielding going to be on the next series of Buzzcocks?

After having admitted to The News Of The World he had, in the past, taken drugs, it was rumored that the BBC had 'fired' him from the music quiz show 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' and that he was no longer going to appear as a team captain for the show. However, Noel Fielding has 'tweeted' that...'The ( Full Answer )

Is noel fielding still together with dee plume 2010?

Well Dee broke up with Noel a while back because of his heavy partying and cocaine use. From what I understand, Noel is still working on cleaning up his act so that Dee will take him back. We all know that it's only a matter of time before they're married. The two were meant for each other! Noel's d ( Full Answer )

Is noel fielding single 2011?

No he is dating someone called lliana bird. She is very plain, and ignorant. She's done many interviews with various bands at glastonbury but seems to pay no attention to their answers. Noel could do a lot better and to be honest out of Lliana and Dee, Dee is a better person. She's beautiful inside ( Full Answer )

How is paloma faith related to noel fielding?

Noel and Lliana Bird (His girlfriend) are good friends with Paloma. You can see Noel and Paloma together in a couple of Nevermind The Buzzcocks episodes.

Has Noel Fielding ever cried before?

I don't think so, but if you listen to the radio series, in one of the episodes, he cries when one of his band members gets his hair cut the wrong way... but that might have been fake crying:-). You can purchase the whole radio series from eBay or iTunes :-) I expect Mike might have cried when he ( Full Answer )

Who is funnier Noel Fielding or Danny Wallace?

This is a very hard question, i think Noel Fielding is funnier as i liked him in the mighty boosh. I imagine that this question will have a lot of diverse views as it is all a matter of opinion.

What movies has Noel Fielding been in?

Noel Fielding's most recent movie was 2011's "Horrid Henry: The Movie". He has also appeared in Bunny and the Bull, Sweet and Come On Eileen.