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== == Nuclear energy is considered safe by some when compared with some other energy sources.

There are three safety issues with nuclear energy: * Controlling the rate of reaction so that it does not get unmanageable. If the rate of reaction is uncontrolled, the reaction cannot be contained, such as in a 'meltdown,' and the outside environment will be exposed to high levels of radioactivity.

* Managing the exposure to radioactive materials used in the reactor. This is necessary during the extraction, concentration, transport, storage and disposal stages, but is most important at stages after concentration, as the radioactivity levels are higher. Disposal of the waste material is a major issue, as the radioactivity from these materials is high for thousands of years. * Security of the material in some of these concentrated states, as they could be used in nuclear weapons.

Contrary to popular belief, the reactors inside a nuclear power facility are not nuclear bombs, and even if a meltdown does occur, the result will not be anything like the blast destruction capability of warheads. Reactors are built fairly deep underground to allow quite a bit of natural radiation shielding against a disaster. Believe it or not, just about every submarine and aircraft carrier in the US. Navy is powered by a nuclear reactor. Nuclear power was probably put into use before it should have been, and the resulting accident scared many people into thinking it is not safe.

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Q: Is nuclear energy safe
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Why is nuclear energy safe for the environment?

nuclear energy is safe for the environment because it is good to smell. You don't die from the smell of it if it is released.

Do you feel nuclear energy is a safe alternative to traditional form of energy?


Explain why countries such as France and Japan rely on heavily on nuclear power?

They are keen to have:Clean energyCheap energyDiversified energy sourcesSafe energyMastering nuclear technology

What is a sentence using nuclear energy?

I'm pretty sure that nuclear energy is not as safe to use as solar energy is. I wonder if the Japanese people are anxious to escape their reliance on nuclear energy, now that they have experienced a serious meltdown event.

Is nuclear energy a solution to a energy crisis?

It can be if plants are designed inherently safe and operated responsibly.

What was not a potential problem of using more nuclear energy?

the cost of nuclear fuel was low - Apex

How safe are the nuclear reactors?

nuclear reactors are not very safe at all. the nuclear energy buisness basically went to crap after the three mile island accident, because people decided the risks outweigh the benefits

Why do most of the experts continue to advocate nuclear plants as the best available energy resources?

# They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily

Is nuclear energy a reasonable and reliable to produce energy?

I think it is pretty reliable these days, and safe, but many people do not agree that it is safe, and it is certainly expensive to build.

What is a sentence with nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy, within the constraints of current technology, is the only viable and ecologically safe source of non-fossil power on the large scale.

How are they trying to make nuclear energy safe?

I believe it is already safe, in the form of PWR, BWR, CANDU, and AGR types.

Are nuclear power plants safe?

Check out this site it really helped me understand nuclear energy more

What of following is not a potential of using more nuclear energy?

Using more nuclear energy is not guaranteed to be safe - accidents and meltdowns are possible and very dangerous.

Is nuclear energy dangerous to humans?

Radioactivity is dangerous, nuclear plants are designed with radiation shielding so that they are safe to work in and for surrounding areas. The most important thing in operating nuclear plants is to keep the radiation contained, then they are safe.

What is the most environmentally safe sort of energy?

Solar and wind energy is the most safe. Of the renewable energies, nuclear can produce nuclear waste and go critical, while hydroelectric power can displace many acres of land. Wind and solar energy produce no waste, do not pollutes, and do not displace.

Nuclear energy is energy?

Yes, nuclear energy is energy.

How do you you feel nuclear energy should or shouldn't be used?

I believe nuclear energy is a very good energy source. Since we are running out of fossil fuels and our environment needs improvement, nuclear energy can meet these needs. Nuclear energy does not pollute, but it produces radioactive waste. This waste is taken care of in a safe way, not being exposed to people. If a person were to use nuclear energy for his or her whole life, the waste would be only one pound and would fit in a soda can; whereas with coal it would fill a line of coal cars from New York to California. And there was never an accident in nuclear energy that couldn't be prevented. Everything is extra safe.

How is a nuclear power plant safe?

How is a nuclear power plant safe?

Is fusion nuclear energy or chemical energy?

Nuclear fusion produces nuclear energy

What is the economic impact on nuclear energy?

nuclear produce nuclear energy the materials are expencive so nuclear energy is good but expensive to make and use it as energy

What kind of energy is nuclear energy?

It is nuclear energy, which is released either by nuclear fission or fusion

Where does nuclear energy come from to make renewable energy work?

Nuclear energy and renewable energy are not related. Renewable energy does not use nuclear energy.

Can nuclear energy work with other forms of energy?

Nuclear energy is converted to electrical energy in a nuclear power plant.

What is the safest type of energy?

According to statistical data nuclear energy is the safest. It only causes 0.04 deaths per terrawatt hour while wind and solar energy cause over 10. There have been meltdowns and disasters, but nuclear energy is fairly safe.

What kind of nuclear energy generates electrical energy at power plants?

Nuclear energy generated by nuclear fissions of nuclear fuels.