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So long as nuclear weapons and the motive and means to use them exist, yes

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Q: Is nuclear war possible in the modern world?
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What do you call the affects of nuclear war?

Possible destruction of the world as we know it

Is a nuclear war possible?

yes it is possible

How has World War 2 impacted modern life?

The invention of the nuclear bomb painted way the mass production of nuclear arms and helped invent nuclear energy

What war was the first nuclear war?

The first nuclear war was World War 2.

How did nuclear weapons affect world war 2?

Two nuclear weapons ended World War 2.

Is nuclear war still possible?

Yesof course it is still possible!! Why wouldn't it be?

What event in the 1960s brought the world into nuclear war?

A nuclear war never happened. You may be thinking of the Cuban Missile Crisis when the world came very close to nuclear war.

What was used in World War 2 but not war world 1?

Nuclear bomb.

Is it be possible that World War 2 could eventually lead to a World War 3?

It may have been considered possible once, as the close of World War 2 did lead to the Cold War, which very nearlly turned into a Nuclear war. However it can be said that any Nuclear war could have it's roots in World war 2 as the Nuclear weapon has it's roots in World war 2. Also if a Asian Communist nation was to start World war 3then that could be traced back to the Cold war and that in itself could be traced back to World war 2. It's all just a matter of perspective, for example; many causes of World war 2 have their roots in World war 1 so any war that could be traced back to the Cold war could then be blamed on events of World war 2 and in turn could be linked to the outcome of World war 1. So their is no yes or no answer as it really depends on how you look at it.

Were tanks used in world war 3?

It is thought that World War III will be a nuclear war.

How did the dropping of the atomic bomb save the world from a nuclear war?

It didn't save the world from a nuclear war. In fact it signalled the threat of it. However, marked the end of World War II.

What are the release dates for The World After Nuclear War - 1984 TV?

The World After Nuclear War - 1984 TV was released on: USA: 1984

How was World WarI different than World War 2?

Nuclear bombs were used in world war II but not in world war I

Is World War 3 scary?

Yes, World war 3 is a really scary nuclear war.

Name the event in 1962 that brought the world close to nuclear war?

The Cuban missile crisis brought the world frighteningly close to nuclear war.

World War 2 submarine bow and modern submarine bows?

WWII boat shaped bows; nuclear subs have cigar shaped hulls.

Nuclear weapons in World War 1?

There were no nuclear weapons in WW1. The nuclear bomb was not invented until WW2.

How is the world different as a result of World War 2?

The world is now a nuclear world.

What has changed since World War 2?

since world war one many weapons have increased, the world became more nuclear and everyone wanted more nuclear weapons.

What is the legacy of World War 2?

Earth became a nuclear world.

What has the author Neville Brown written?

Neville Brown has written: 'Nuclear war' -- subject(s): Nuclear weapons, Strategy 'The future of air power' -- subject(s): Air power 'Dissenting forbears' -- subject(s): Family, Genealogy 'Limited world war?' -- subject(s): Limited war, Military history, Modern, Modern Military history, World War III, World politics and government 'The African military balance' -- subject(s): Defenses, Newly independent states, Armed Forces 'History and Climate Change' 'Nuclear first use' -- subject(s): Deterrence (Strategy), No first use (Nuclear strategy)

What did many Americans do to prepare for a possible nuclear war?

Built bomb shelters

Legancy of World War 2?

Nuclear weapons.

Were nuclear bombs used in World War 1?


Who brought the world close to a nuclear war?