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It is considered somewhat rare. Only 7% of the population is O Negative. Approximately 20% of the population is CMV negative. So only about 1.4% of the population is O Negative CMV negative. That is fewer than 2 our of ever 100 people. It isn't the rarest, but it is a very useful type.

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Q: Is o negative cmv negative blood common?
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Is o negative blood type common?

No, only 7% of the world has O negative blood type.

Is 0 positive blood type common?

O positive is a very common blood type. It is the most common blood type today. There are not many people with O negative. O negative is very rare.

What is the most least common blood type?

AB negative - Only around 1% of the world population has this type of blood. o negative is also not very common but ab negative is least common o negative is secong least common

What is meant by positive or negative blood type?

Positive and negative are the different blood types that people have. Each person has a different type of blood, O positive and O negative are the most common.

Can o negative blood group girl marry o negative blood group boy?

No reason why not. O- is a common blood group there must be millions of couples around the world who are both 0-.

Is A negative blood rare?

For things such as AB negative, yes, for things such as O negative, not so much, but negative blood is known to be less common than positive blood.

Can a woman with blood type O-positive and a man with blood type O-negative have a blood type O-negative child?

Yes. My mother is O positive and my father is O negative and I am O negative

O negative blood group marries O negative blood group?

Result: boy or girl with blood type of O negative.

If a mother has a negative blood and the father has o negative blood what blood type would the child be?

either a negative or o negative

Is O negative the least common blood type?

No, it's AB-

Is O the rarest blood type?

No. In fact O+ is the most common blood type in the world.No. Actually AB negative is the rarest. O is one of the more common ones.

What is the most rare human blood type?

The most rare human blood type is AB negative. This does not necessarily mean, however, that people with AB negative blood have a hard time finding blood transfusion donors. They can receive blood from individuals with A negative, B negative, AB negative, or O negative blood. In contrast, the most common blood type is O positive.

Can a mother with o negative blood and a father with o negative blood have a child with o positive blood?


O negative blood type and donation?

Although those with O negative blood type are the universal donors, they are not universal receivers! People with O negative blood can only receive blood donation from others with O negative blood.

What is the most ABO blood type in the United States?

Blood type O is the most common in both the US. as well as the world. Actually type O+ is the most common. Type O- is the most common of the RH negative blood types.

Is there a type of blood that is Rh negative?

There are a lot of different kinds of blood types. Blood types can be O negative and O positive. Most people have one of those two types, they are more common.

What is the most common to the rarest blood type?

The most common blood type is O positive while the rarest is AB negative.

What type of blood would you have if parents are o negative and a positive?

You could have O positive or negative blood or A positive or negative blood.

What is the rarest blood type and what is the most common?

O positive is the most common and AB negative is the rarest.

Can o negative donate blood to o plus?

Yes, type O negative blood can donate to type O positive blood. Type O negative blood is the universal donor. It can be given to a person with any blood type.

I have O negative blood group I need blood which blood group is suitable?

O negative blood type can take only from O negative. but in emergency cases if the O negative is not available, doctors give you O positive, and treat that with immune-suppressants.

What if I have o neg blood and my husband has a negative?

In that case, any child you have will have either O-negative or A-negative blood.

What percentage of people have type AB- blood?

Blood type AB is actually one of the least common blood types. The most common blood types are O positive and O negative. Everyone, though, has a different blood type.

What is the least common blood type?

They're are four blood types, which are A, B, O, and AB. Well the most common blood type in humans is blood type O, almost 45 percent of the worlds population is blood type O. The least common blood type in humans is AB.

Which ABO blood type is most common and which is least common?

O positive is the most common, AB negative is the least common.

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