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cheaper foods tend to be higher in calories and lower in other nutrients. The result is that eating poor quality foods tends to encourage people to eat more in the body's natural effort to get those nutrients. Yes, at least somewhat. Especially in developed nations, more nutritious food is more expensive. Cheap foods are also very dense in calories. Poor people are also frequently engaged in fairly sedentary tasks for long hours, and can't afford the luxury of a gym membership or time to exercise. Additionally, people in poverty tend to be less educated and knowledgable about proper nutrition.

Answer 66% of the adults and 16% of the children in the US are overweight, while the poverty level in the US is below 13% (in 2004) of the population.

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Q: Is obesity related to poverty
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Bariatric Obesity Surgery Saves Lives?

Across the country, many people struggle with obesity. Many will die from the effects of this debilitating condition. There is hope. Bariatric obesity surgery is a solution for fast weight loss for patients that are at risk for obesity related diseases. If your BMI is greater than 40 (or 35 with other obesity-related health conditions) you may be eligible for bariatric obesity surgery. This surgery compresses a portion of the stomach so that fat cannot be absorbed by the body. The surgery is usually most effective for patients who have at least 100 pounds to lose. Ask your doctor about bariatric obesity surgery today.