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Yes, Oblong is the name of a rectangle who's length is greater than it's width.

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Another name for an oblong?

"Rectangle" is virtually synonymous with "oblong."

Does a oblong have parallel sides?

Yes because an oblong is another name for a rectangle.

What is another name for oblong?

Rectangle or Oval I think

Can an oblong have acute angles?

No, an oblong can't have acute angles, because oblong is another name for a rectangle. A rectangle has four interior right angles of 90 degrees.

How many angles does an oblong have?

An oblong is another name for a rectangle which has 4 interior angles each measuring 90 degrees

What is the name for a shape with four sides it starts with the letter o?

It is an oblong which is another name for a rectangle.

What is another number for a oblong?

An oblong is a 4 sided quadrilateral better known as a rectangle

What is another name for an oblong?

Some would say a rectangle, or possibly an oval or elliptical shape.

What is another term for rectangle?

A rectangle that is not square is an "oblong". Or you could say a "box".

What is the other name for a rectangle?

An oblong or a quadrilateral

How many right angles does an oblong have?

An oblong is another term for a rectangle therefore it has four right angles.

What is an oblonge in gemotry?

An oblong in geometry is another word for a rectangle.

What is another word for rectangel?

A "typo", perhaps.Another word for a rectangle is an oblong.

What is another name for a oblong?

Oval is another word for oblong.

What is the different between a rectangle and a oblong?

An oblong is a rectangle BUT a rectangle isn't necessarily an oblong. There are 2 types of rectangle: 1) Square (equal sided) 2) Oblong (unequal sided) Most refer to an oblong as a rectangle and use the word 'square' to be more specific as it has different properties.

What is oblong?

Rectangle with rounded sides is called as Oblong.

What is the Difference between oblong and rectangle?

An oblong is a rectangle. However, an oblong is not a square. Both are rectangles because they both have 4 right angles, but a square is equal-sided and an oblong isn't.

Why is an oblong a rectangle?

An oblong is a rectangle because it is a quadrilateral with 4 right-angles. A square is also a rectangle, albeit with all its sides equal in length.

How is an oblong different to rectangle?

An oblong is what most people refer to as rectangle, so in that sense there is no difference. However, a square is a special kind of rectangle (with all its sides equal) and so the word 'oblong' is useful in distinguishing between the two types of rectangle.

Name a shape that does not have equal sides?

An irregular shape like the delta or triangle( not equilateral) oblong (rectangle).....

What are two names for rectangle?

oblong shape and quadrilateral

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