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Hi, Old blood is a sign of pregnancy, implantation bleeding, vaginal infection, UTI and left over blood from your period.


Old blood can be a infection, you can get it after sex, after period left over blood, Implantation bleeding which is the sign of pregnancy. Implanation bleeding doesn't always mean your pregnant . You should go to the doctors and get it checked out its better to be save than sorry. GOOD LUCK!


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Q: Is old blood a sign of your period or does it mean you are pregnant when there is no red blood just old mucus dark blood?
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Are you pregnant if your period has dark blood?

No, if you are menstruating then you obviously can't be pregnant. It is biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant, you only menstruate if you are not pregnant. Dark blood is likely just that, dark blood, remember that menstrual flow includes uterine tissue not just blood.

You think you are pregnant but you did not take a test you have most of the signs of pregnancy but you are on your period it is bright red blood with dark blood clots could you still be pregnant?

If your period has come at the normal time it is unlikely you are pregnant.

When your on your period is it normal to get dark mucus like stuff when you change tampons and in the toilet?

Yes, it's normal to get dark mucus during menstruation. As well as discharge and your menstrual flow, including uterine tissue, cervical mucus will be carried along with the rest of your menstrual flow. It's completely normal to see blood mucus which may look dark brown, red, or even black.

What does it means if your period is dark?

I have always been told that if your period is dark, then that is old blood coming out.

Is dark red blood good during period?

dark red can be old blood and can be normal.

Is it your first period when you have black blood?

Yes, your first period starts with dark-looking blood.

Could you be pregnant if spotting dark brown blood?


What does it mean when your period was 4 days late and your spotting and the blood is dark?

You could be pregnant so go to your doctor, something may be wrong check it out.

What causes a dark menstrual period?

normally the dark blood will appear at the end of your period, because it is the lining that is coming out.

What causes brownish colored blood but a very light period?

Period blood can be dark brown, light brown, dark red or red. Sometimes your period is brown if it is a light period. Sometimes your period can be brown near the end of your period.

What could cause dark brown spotting for four days if you are not pregnant?

This can happen after a woman has had her period (near the end of the period) and it's dried blood. This can also appear at the beginning of a period (stringy, brown) before the fresh blood begins to flow. It's normal.

Why is the blood very dark at the beginning of the period?

poopy normally does it

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