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Is one half cup equal to 100 grams?

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i think its 50 grams


The cup is a unit of volume and the gram is a unit of mass; they are not comptible.

For an answer you need to know the density because:

mass = volume x density

2016-11-20 08:11:28
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Related Questions

Is half cup caster sugar equal to 100 grams?

No, half cup is 113 grams

How many grams is equal to one half cups of sugar?

100 grams = 1/2 cup of sugar

Half a cup of shredded cheese is equal to how many grams?

There should be about 98 Grams of shredded cheese in half a cup.

How many grams in a half of cup?

It depends on the substance, but about 100 grams.

How many cups of lentils are 100 grams?

Three-fourths of a cup of lentils would equal 100 grams of lentils. One hundred thirty grams is equal to one cup.

How many cups in 80 grams of sugar?

half a cup is 100 grams

How many cups is 95 grams of flour?

95 grams is equal to about 0.4 of a cup. This is after rounding the decimal to one place. Half a cup is equal to about 118 grams.

How many cups does 100 grams of tapioca flour equal?

About .84 of a cup would equal 100 grams of tapioca flower.

How many cups is 100 gram of caster sugar?

1 cup is generally 200 grams. So 100 grams is half a cup.

How many cups do 100 grams of vegetable equal?

Each vegetable will be different depending on the space it takes up in the cup. A half cup of shredded lettuce will be different in weight than a half cup of peas.

How many cups of strawberries equal 100 grams?

100 grams of strawberries in cups

How many cups equal 240 grams of sugar?

1 cup

How many cups is 100 grams of cottage cheese?

100 grams of cottage cheese is actually a half of a cup. This is because 200 grams makes a whole cup.

A half cup serving of vegetables weighs approximately how many grams?

A normal half cup serving of vegetable weighs approximately 100 grams.

How many cups is equal to 100 grams?

that is 0.44 of a cup

How many cups is 100g sugar?

100 grams of sugar would be equal to about one half cup. A cup of granulated sugar is about 225 grams. Different types of sugar weigh different amounts.

100 grams of chicken equals how many cups?

100 grams of chicken is equal to 0.422 cups of chicken. A cup of chicken is equal to 236.59 grams of chicken.

How many cups does 60 grams of flour equal?

About a half cup.

How many grams of powder equal a half of cup?

think its about 250ml

How many grams in half a cup of soy sauce?

Half a cup of soy sauce is equivalent to 100 grams. These are both units of measuring cooking ingredients.

How many cups does 100 gams equal?

100 grams = 7/8th of a cup.

What does a 100 grams equal in cups?

It does not convert. Grams is a measurement of mass, while cups is a measurement of volume. Grams in a cup will vary by what you are measuring in the cup. If it helps, 100 grams of down will measure perhaps in the thousands of cups, while 100 grams of uranium would be a fraction of a cup.

50 grams of flour is equivalent to how many cups?

There is 0. 21134 cups in 50 grams of flour. 60 grams of flour is equal to a half a cup. 40 grams of flour is equal to one third cup.

100 grams of green beans is how many cups?

If there are 100 grams of green beans, then this would equal out to 7/8ths of a cup. If there were 110 grams, there would be one full cup.

Is 100 ml equal one half cup?

A cup equals 250 ml, so half a cup is 125 ml