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his name is Brandonand michelle....if your asking about her girl cousin. :)
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Is Selena Gomez cousin jaime Gomez?

No she doesn't have a cousin name Jaime Gomez that mean that is one of her closing best friends.

Is Amy Gomez Selena Gomez cousin?

No, they just have the same last name. Amy Gomez is my friend in college. [Ep: I searched Amy Gomez and wanted to answer ppl's questions about this one]

One of Selena Gomez's cousins and family members?

Selena Gomez Has Many Cousins And Family Members . One Of Her Family Members Is "Brandon Newsom" In Texas , And She Has A Very Close Cousin Name : Ayat Gomez .

What is Selenas quincillias brothers name?

If you were talking about the teenage one her LAST name is Gomez, Selena Gomez. If you were talking about the other one her last name is Quintanillas, Selena Quintanillas.

Wasn't Selena Gomez Middle Name Kayleigh?

It's Marie. It says so on IMDB and Wikipedia; and also in Selena's album, 'Kiss & Tell'. It says 'Selena Marie Gomez' at the end of her credits in the album booklet. She also says it on one of her live chats on Facebook, when asked what her last name was she said "My name is Selena Gomez. My name is Selena Marie Gomez."

Can you be Selena Gomez?

there is more than one selena gomez in the world and the is one particular selena gomez she is famous so you could never possibly be the selena gomez selena gomez is dating justin bieber if you want more information about her ask me a question and i coud answer it lol love you Selena marie gomez you rock

Does Selena gomez have allergies?

No, Selena does not have allergies. No, Selena does not have allergies.Everybody suffers from at least one allergy, people who say they have absolutely no are those who are unaware, it's common to be unaware of it, as some lucky people's allergies ARe very weak/minor. Whether Selena is aware/unaware of anyi am the real Selena Gomez and i don't have any allergies and my cousin is faithblackett. so even ask her hi my name is Selena Gomezhi my

Does Selena gomez have a toto?

Selena Gomez does not have a totto but Demi Lovoto has one

Can you name me one celebrity?

Sure. This is my favorite celebirty: Selena Gomez.

Was Selena gomez in Horton hears a who?

No! Selena Gomez was one of the mayors daughters I'm not sure which one but she was one of them.

What is selana Gomez's stardoll username?

Well her name is Selena Gomez not Selena Gomesand she doesnt have one and sometimes ppl pretend like they areSelena Gomez on stardoll but she doesnt have one!Stardoll Admin2010••ShareSelena Gomez Flying Solo27 months ago Going Gomez ... and growing up Stardoll

Is Selena gomez only one?

There can be many Selena's but I think there is only one Selena Gomez who is famous.

Is Selena gomez the one for Justin Bieber?

I don't think Selena Gomez is bi...

Is sally Gomez Selena Gomez sister?

no, Selena gomez does not have any sisters, Sally is probably one of her nicknames

What is Selena gomez's account name on facebook?

Selena Gomez Has Only One Facebook Account Www.Facebook.com/SelMarieeGomez92

Who is More famous Selena gomez or Alyson stoner?

Selena Gomez she is the who does more movies i think she is the one she is the one

Who made Selena gomez pregnant?

Selena Gomez is not pregnant.

What are Selena gomez favourite sport clubs?

know one knows only selena gomez :)

How much piercings does Selena gomez have?

Selena Gomez has only one piercing on each ear

Is Selena gomez an only child for real?

No. Selena Gomez has one sibling. She has a younger brother.

What is a name of one of Selena gomezes cousins?

one girl name is illiana gomez...my sister is her bestest friend

How much does Selena gomez have right now?

If you mean money then ? She gives it all to her mom so yeah. But Selena Gomez's cousin is like one of my best friends so yeah.

What is Selena gomez's starndoll user name?

if you mean stardoll i dont belive she has one but if she gets one it should just be Selena Gomez

Where can you buy everything of Selena gomez?

probaly a Selena Gomez shop or a Disney land shop if there is one

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