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yes, one tenth would be 10%, one eighth would be 12.5%

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Is one tenth less than half of a teaspoon?

Depends on one tenth of what. A teaspoon, a bucketful?

How many teaspoons is a 60 mg syringe?

less than a tenth of a teaspoon

What fractions are less than 1 ninth?

1 tenth 1 eleventh and so on. 1 eighth would be bigger

Is 1 tenth more than 1 eighth?


What is the eqivalent an eighth of a teaspoon?

0.6ml. To judge the amount without a measuring spoon, it's less than 1 millilitre but more than half a milliter

Is one eighth closer to zero than one tenth?


Is 1.0 milliliter more than 1 teaspoon?

No, it is less than a teaspoon

Is one fouth teaspoon more or less than one half teaspoon?


What is one tenth less than 10?

one tenth less than 10 is 9 9/10

Is 1 tenth greater than 4.16?

1 tenth, which is equal to 0.1, is less than 4.16 (four and sixteen hundredths).

How many teaspoon are in 2.1millileters?

That is a little less than 1/2 teaspoon

What is one tenth less than 0.6?

One tenth less would be 0.5 !

What fraction whose denominator is 4 times greater than its numerator is less than one-fourth and less than one-eighth?

There is no such fraction.

Half a teaspoon equals how many tablespoons?

None. A teaspoon is less than a tablespoon.

How close is 12 teaspoon to 18 teaspoon?

It is 6 teaspoons less than 18.

How much is a gram less than a teaspoon?


Is one ninth less than one tenth?

One ninth is greater than one tenth.

Is one tenth greater or less than one half?


Why is six eighth greater than five eighth but less than seven eighth?

Because six of anything is greater than five of the same thing and less than seven of them. Here you're talking about eighths, but it's equally true of songs, stars, or cows.

Is 11.43 less than eleven and five tenth?

Yes, 11.43 is less than 11.5

What is the word scant for cooking?

For instance, a scant teaspoon would be a little less than a full teaspoon.

What is one tenth less than 2.9?


Is 75 less than eight tenth?

75 is greater, 0.75 is less

How much less is one tenth than ten?

100 times less

Is 7.65 percent less than a tenth of one percent?

7.65 percent is more than a tenth of one percent.

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