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Q: Is orange soda different from sunkist?
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Does Sunkist grape soda have caffiene?

Sunkist grape soda does not have any caffeine. Sunkist orange soda does, however, contain caffeine, and so do some other Sunkist flavors.

Does Sunkist soda have real orange in it?

no they use other things to make it orange favor

How much Caffeine is in Sunkist Orange Soda?

It has 0 Caffeine - This is not true. Most orange soda has no caffeine but sunkist is one of the few that actually does. Please people do your research before posting incorrect answers.

What are the ingredients in diet sunkist orange soda?

carbonated water, you figure out the rest

What is orange cush?

It's an orange soda, somewhat like Sunkist but sweeter. or very good weed

Is there caffeine in sunkist orange soda?

there is no caffeine in that soda, as long as the label is accurate. so drink up and enjoy!Whoever answerd the above question is dead wrong!! There are 41 mg of caffeine per serving in Sunkist Orange Soda! Source:

Which drink is more acidic - Sunkist orange soda or orange juice?

The answer would vary depending on the breeds of oranges used and methods of processing the orange juice.

What evaporates fatser sunkist water or coke?

water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited

Is all orange soda caffeine free?

Not ALL orange soda's are caffiene free. Many are, but for instance Sunkist diet orange has caffeine in it. I would always look at the label before assuming because it is orange, it is caffeine-free.

How many calories are in orange soda Sunkist?

190 calories in one serving of 12oz sunkist try drinking water with a dissolvable tastey vitamin c tablet :o)

Does sunkist soda have caffinee?


Does orange pop or soda have caffeine in it?

It depends... Most off-brands (such as Big K or OrangePop!) do not. However, Sunkist does have a small amount in it.

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