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Sperm can live up to 5 days in a healthy setting (good quality cervical mucus) but without ovulation you cannot get pregnant.

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Pregnancy can occur only for about 48-72 hours either side of ovulation.

You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

Ovulation can not make you pregnant. Ovulation does cause a woman to be fertile at this point and she could conceive.

The best time to impregnate your wife is during ovulation. The best time to get your wife pregnant is during ovulation.

Yes, you can. Ovulation pain has nothing to do with your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes cramping around your ovary region can be a sign of ovulation. Your ovulation time is the best to try to get pregnant but the ovulation pain really does not have anything to do with it.

It's different for everyone - some people get pregnant during ovulation, others after. The best time is during ovulation

Yes! Ovulation is your most fertile time, so that's when you're most likely to get pregnant.

The answer is simple, at the time of ovulation.

The 6 days prior to your ovulation is your most fertile period. Even after you ovulate it is still possible to get pregnant within 12 hours of your ovulation time. If you do not know the exact time that you ovulate then it could be possible if you had intercourse the day after your ovulation. You will just need to relax and wait up to 2 weeks to find out if you are pregnant or not.

You don't know your pregnant at 2 weeks. 2 weeks pregnant is the time of ovulation.

You Can not get pregnant 10 days after ovulation, as the ovum only lasts up to two days after being released. After that there is a time of infertility then the periods and shortly after that ovulation again. Have a look at the related link (Fertility Timing) below to get some idea of the timing involved in this process.

Most certainly you can! A female generally ovulates on day 14. The prime time for a woman to try to get pregnant is around ovulation time. The best time to have sex is 2 days before ovulation to 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can last up to 3 days while the females egg can only last 24 hours.

No. The greater question is how long is your ovulation period. This time veries depending on your age. The older you are, the shorter it is. That is why older women have a harder time getting pregnant.

No matter what anyone has told you, you can get pregnant anytime. There is no safe time, only SAFER times.You should always be careful:)

Hello. Yes a woman can conceive a baby ANY TIME throughout her cycle. Ovulation simply has a high risk of pregnancy associated with it and is not the only time during the month a woman can conceive.

A mature egg during ovulation usually survives only for 24 hours. If you have sex after the 24 hour deadline getting pregnant would be impossible because the egg already died on that specific time. So if you're monitoring your ovulation period to get pregnant, it would be ideal to have sex 2 days and during the peak of your ovulation.

Only if you have sex. Most women are past ovulation by the time of their period.

The egg stays fertile for only 12-24 hours. Sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days so it is possible to get pregnant if you have sex before ovulation.

Depending on what your question is; if you are looking to start a family then after ovulation you can easily get pregnant during this time but if not, then after ovulation you are bound to have bleeding with is known as menstruation.

Girls become pregnant when sperm reaches their egg during ovulation.

yes you can get pregnant at that time you are most fertile

No. An ovulation test only tells when you are ovulating and a pregnancy test only tests for pregnancy, not ovulation. The tests are designed to detect different hormones/chemicals in a female's urine

Will an ovulation test show up positive if you are pregnant?

You can become pregnant for 2-3 days either side of ovulation.

Between 12-16 days after your period There is no DURING ovulation, it is a specific moment. The two or three days around ovulation is good time to try. The best way to work it out is to buy an ovulation test kit. You can buy them from supermarkets or the pharmacy. You pee on the sticks and it tells you when you are most fertile. It is then that it is a good time to try to get pregnant

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