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Is pain in the pelvis during pregnancy while sleeping at night normal and if so why?

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It could be the way the baby is laying on the inside. And sometimes your ligaments will stretch and it will hurt.

2011-09-13 04:29:28
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Q: Is pain in the pelvis during pregnancy while sleeping at night normal and if so why?
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Does pelvis separate during pregnancy?


What happens when you relax the joints in the pelvis during pregnancy?


What does anterior mean in pregnancy?

It means that the baby is facing the mothers pelvis during pregnancy or labor.

Where is the location of the baby in the belly during the first month of pregnancy?

The baby is down in the pelvis behind the bladder for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

How does a baby get through the bones of the pelvis during childbirth?

By contractions. Contractions open your cervix, which allows the baby to come through the pelvis. During the pregnancy hormones have made the bones softer so the baby can pass without injuries. This is why many women have pain in their hips and back and difficulties to walk during pregnancy.

What causes hip pain after pregnancy?

The stretching of the pelvis during delivery can cause short- and long-term pain.

Does pelvis pains indicate pregnancy?


Are renal pelvis and renal calculi the same?

The renal pelvis and renal calculi are not the same. The renal pelvis is a normal part of the body. Renal calculi are kidney stones and are not normal.

Is it normal to show just 3 weeks into your pregnancy?

No. It's only at 6 weeks that the uterus is big enough to push out of the pelvis. What you are experiencing is bloating from extra water retention caused by pregnancy hormones

Is it safe to have xray of the pelvis done when at 6months pregnant?

X ray of the pelvis is risky and has no indications at this stage of pregnancy.

Posterior pelvic tilt?

Preferred position of the pelvis that elongates the lumbar spine and shortens the over stretched abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

Why does your lower buttocks hurt while pregnant?

Pain in the buttocks during pregnancy can be caused by stretching ligaments and from pressure from the baby's head in the pelvis.

How is massage therapy helpful during a pregnancy?

Massage therapy can address the various physical challenges of pregnancy: edema; foot, leg, or hand discomforts; and pain in the lower back, pelvis, or hips.

You began showing showing at 6 weeks but now im not at all is that normal?

Women do not begin "showing" a pregnancy at 6 weeks. At that point, your uterus is still in your pelvis.

What are the signs of a ecotopic pregancy?

An ectopic pregnancy may seem like a normal pregnancy at first. You'll have a positive pregnancy test. Early signs and symptoms may be the same as those of any pregnancy — a missed period, breast tenderness, nausea and fatigue. But an ectopic pregnancy can't continue as normal. The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy often include: Light vaginal bleeding Lower abdominal pain Cramping on one side of the pelvis If the fallopian tube ruptures, symptoms may include: Sharp, stabbing pain in the pelvis, abdomen or even the shoulder and neck Dizziness Lightheadedness If you experience any signs or symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, seek emergency care.

Is a woman's pelvis wider than a man's pelvis?

yes, because the pelvis of a female is specifically designed to accomadate the passage of a baby during childbirth.

How is the pelvis of a female different from the pelvis of a male?

females have a wider pelvis compared to males- this helps during childbirththe inlet to the female pelvis is oval whereas the male is more heart shaped

What does -1 station during pregnancy mean?

It means the presenting part of the baby (head, shoulder, buttox) is 1cm above the ischial spine (a part of the maternal pelvis).

What is lightning in pregnancy?

Lightening in pregnancy is when you're baby drops down into the pelvis. Usually happens a few weeks before your due date.

How do you know when the lower back pain is do to pregnancy?

the nerves in the lumber region will receive pressure from the pelvis

What is a doctor feeling for when he examines your stomach for pregnancy?

The doctor doesn't examine your stomach for pregnancy, he examines your cervix and uterus. Your medical care provider (Doctor, NurseMidWife, PA) is feeling for normal changes in and the position of the cervix. She/he may check for the size of the uterus (depending how far along you are) and the size of your pelvis.

Where does your stomach start getting hard at during pregnancy?

The hard part that is felt in the abdomen during pregnancy is the uterus. Early in pregnancy this will be within the pelvis. You may be able to feel it near the top of your pelvic bone. You may be able to feel your uterus at the very bottom of your belly when you are about 15-16 weeks pregnant. Slim girls will probably feel it before girls with more fat.

Can pregnancy cause back pain?

Not only can it does! if you take the weight you carry on the front (baby+all the liquid in the womb) and take that times 9, you will get the weight that is actually added on your back. Normally if you gain weight the weight is spread around but not that part when pregnant. You also have the pelvis getting softer so the baby can press through without getting stuck. Back pain is very normal during pregnancy.

How is an infants head shaped A female pelvis?

The infant shape is usually oval which helps it slide through the female pelvis during birth.

What does pres free cephalic mean in pregnancy terms?

pres means presentation and is the the lowermost presenting this case it will be the head - ceph meaning means that the head is still free in the abdomen and has not engaged in the pelvis - all completely normal