Is paralysis in the lower body part incurable?

There are two types of spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries refer to the types of injuries that result in complete loss of function below the level of the injury, while incomplete spinal cord injuries are those that result in some sensation and feeling below the point of injury. The level and degree of function in incomplete injuries is highly individual, and is dependent upon the way in which the spinal cord has been damaged.

The prognosis of a particular spinal cord injury varies depending upon where along the spinal column the spinal cord has been injured, the severity of the injury, and which nerve fibers are damaged. As a general rule of thumb, some recovery can be expected within the first six months following injury. After six months, additional recovery is unlikely A combination of physical therapy, electronic aides, medications, and surgeries can be used to help SCI survivors regain as much function as possible after injury.