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Pasta is a source of carbohydrates, so to the extent that the body needs carbohydrates, absolutely! And most pasta is pretty much low or no fat. The sauce eaten with the pasta is often very calorie and fat rich with meats, oils, cheeses and butter. A good marinara sauce and pasta can be a pretty low fat meal. And buying pasta with a higher fiber and grain content and marinara without sugars and corn syrups will help. And don't over eat!

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Why is pasta bad for your body?

pasta is not bad for you its very very good for your digestive system.

What is the Nutritive value of pasta?

There are a lot of wheat and fiber content, so pasta is very good for your body.

Why is pasta good for you?

It contains lots of carbs which help the muscles and the body grow...

What is pasta good for?

Pasta is a carb, it is a very good carb too.

What is a good name for a pasta shop?

Pipin' Hot PastaBlaze Pasta*Your Name's* Pasta ShopPasta StopSteam PastaSauce Pasta Stop

Is low carb pasta good for you?

Low carb pasta can be better for you if you are on a low carb diet. If you are burning a lot of energy throughout your day, you should probably get regular pasta. Your body needs the carbs to produce energy.

Is pasta healthy for our body?

Pasta is healthy for your body because it full of protein but if you use too much butter or salt in your pasta or sauce then you may die. Because butter is so thick that it could possibly get stuck in your small intestion. That would nit be good thanks for your positive comments bye!

What pasta is good for you?

I would prefer curly Italian pasta.

Can eating pasta be good for you?

yes, especially if it is wheat pasta.

Is pasta good for you?

Yes, pasta is good for you, but, like any foods, only in a regulated quantity.

What is ravioli pasta?

Ravioli pasta is a little pasta pouch which usually has cheese in it. It's really good, and it's especially good with cheese on top.

What is good for supper?


Does pasta have fibre in it?

No!!.. Pasta doesnot have fibre in it!!. Itz really not good for health!!...

What can replace pasta in pasta bake?

If you are on a diet then rice is always good to use.

What does pasta give to the body?

Fuel and nutrients.

What can you cook using cheese pasta olive oil and meat'?

cheesy pasta... its good

What is pasta a good source of?


How good is old old old pasta?

Good becaue pasta never goes bad unless its been wet then dried

Does white pasta turn to sugar in the body?

a liittle

What is the function of pasta?

to be noodly and taste good :)

What meats go good in pasta?


What goes good with chicken Parmesan?


How long will pasta stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Cooked pasta can stay good up to 5 days.

What type of wheat is used to make good quality pasta?

Durum is mostly used to make pasta :)

Can diabetics type 2 ever have a good pasta dish?

Yes, add some lentils or beans to your pasta to lower the GI of the dish. Also try Wholewheat Pasta instead of the normal pasta.

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