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Is perfectionism a common trait of a Narcissist?

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very often a N. is OCD as well..having obsessive compulsive disorder is commonly found. they are control freaks and must always be in control.

2006-07-23 12:03:28
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Q: Is perfectionism a common trait of a Narcissist?
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What is the type of trait shared with a common ancestor?

A trait shared with a common ancestor is called an inherited or ancestral trait.

What is an idea trait?

what is a common family trait

What does it mean when one is said to be a narcissist?

When it is said that someone is a narcissist, it means that they are overly self involved, and selfish. A narcissistic personality trait is when one receives erotic gratification from self appearance.

Make trait in to a sentence?

A common trait amongst soldiers is a huge camaraderie. A common trait amongst the older dictators is megalomania.

In psychology what is perfectionism?

In psychology, Perfectionism is when a person tries too hard to be perfect. People with "Perfectionism" traits are often overly critical about their opinions about themselves as well as the opinions of others about themselves.

Why can't Narcissists understand the truth as it is instead of believing the truth as they make it up?

The main trait of a narcissist is that they see and perceive things only as they pertain to themselves. So if a commonly held truth doesn't correspond to the view of the narcissist, the narcissist will need to create a version of the truth which does.

What trait does Marlow have in common with other seamen?

He likes to tell stories.

What is an ancestral trait?

An ancestral trait is a trait shared by a group of organisms as a result of descent from a common ancestor.

Are narcissist pathological liars?

Narcissist commonly have a personality disorder trait, like pathological lying. They presents to the world the creation of his false self, the imagination of themselves. So, when they are presenting themselves in the best light often they lie about things.

What is an obsession with perfection called?


What is the definition of ancestral trait?

An ancestral trait is a trait shared by a group of organisms as a result of descent from a common ancestor in history.

How do you deal with perfectionism?

Perfectionism is just a habit, and habits can be broken. Just settle with anything average and remember that not everything has to be perfect.If you see someone with perfectionism, get used to it or ignore it because you are not able to change that person. They are the only ones who can change how they act.Remember that.

What is the definition of perfectionism in the middle of the 19th century?

Perfectionism- a desire to create a perfect social and religious system. It lasted approximately from 1820-1850.

Virgo's greatest weakness may be?


How do a narcissist and her mother interact?

not well at all, the people in my family are majority narcissistic including myself, i personally resent my family for this particular trait, you basically have to accept that you will always be alone because a narcissist will always find a way subconsciously to ruin their own lives.

If two organisms are in the same phylum are they also in the same Kingdom?

yes they are because they share a common trait....

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What phobia suffers a pefectionist?

Depending on person, and the type of perfectionism; a maladaptive perfectionist may suffer from different phobias, or yet he may not suffer from a phobia but rather perfectionism may cause other type of disorders. Perfectionism/phobia connection may not be answered within a standardized way. Various anxiety disorders, eating disorders, neediness, panic attack disorder, sexual disorders occasionally were reported in connection with various forms of perfectionism. Perfectionism may take positive or negative forms in general.

What is a narcissist's trait?

Traits of a narcissist include not showing emotion and always seeking attention from others. Additional traits include a need to be in control and violent behavior.

What is recessive triat?

Recessive traits is a very weak trait and it is a less common trait. It needs 2 copies to have the trait. ( on 3/5/13)

What is perfectionism?

It means you need everything to be perfect(OCD).