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Yes it is speed. It is like taking speed off of the street.

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Q: Is phentermine like speed
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What does phentermine smell like and taste like?


How long do diet pill stay in your system?

Most "diet pills" like phentermine are essentially "speed." They generally stay in your system for 6-12 hours.

What is the difference between phentermine and phentermine hcl?

Phentermine hcl is short for phentermine hydrochloride, the medically recognized name for the anorexiant drug phentermine. Phentermine Resin is a brand name for one of the manufacturers.

Does Phentermine cause urination problems?

I'm not going to say yes that Phentermine IS the cause..but I take phentermine and at night I feel like I constantly have to pee..but then when I get up it takes FOREVER and it's just a tinkle?!

Is Phentermine considered an amphetamine?

no phentermine is not an an amphetamine phentermine is however similar chemically to the amphetamines phentermine is also a controlled substance

Can you take cialis and phentermine?

phentermine and cialis

Can adipex cause a false positive for amphetamines?

yes it is like phentermine

What is in phentermine?

the chemical name of phentermine is α-Methylamphetamine. α-Methylamphetamine is the active compound in phentermine.

Is it safe to take suboxone and phentermine?

Hi! I also was curious about the suboxone and phentermine combination. I researched quiet a bit on the internet and found only some useful information. I have been on suboxone since May at 16mgs a day. Anyway, YES you can take phentermine while on suboxone-I looked up drug interactions for the 2 and found none. I can tell you from experience..literally for the past three days, I have taken suboxone and phentermine. The suboxone does not block out ANY effects of the phentermine and you will feel the exact same effect as if you were not taking suboxone. Like I said, this is from experience and knowledge that suboxone will not block the effects of any type of speed-like buzz or amphetamines (adderal,phenetermine,cocaine..etc).

Can you take methylprednisolone with phentermine?

Can you take methylpredolone with phentermine

Can you take phentermine and cialis together?

phentermine and cialis

Can you take lamictal with phentermine?

can you take lamictal with phentermine?

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