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Is phosphoric acid a weak acid?


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No, phosphoric acid is classed as a strong acid. It dissociates completely.

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No, phosphoric acid is a weak acid.

It is a weak acid as it does not ionise completely when mixed with water.

Yes. Sulfuric acid is a strong acid. Phosphoric acid is a weak acid.

citric acid, phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is highly corrosive and can reduce the calcium in your bones making you weak and a little unhealthy if too much is consumed.

a weak solution of phosphoric acid found at local paint store

phosphoric acid is a weak tribasic acid because it ionizes to smaller reacts with NaOH to give three series of salts.. h3po4+naoh---->H2o+NaH2PO4 NaH2Po4+NaOH------>H2O+Na2HPO4 Na2HPO4+NaOH-------->H2O+Na3PO4 . . . .thats it..

Weak Acids: (See links) acetic acid, carbonic acid, citric acid, formic acid, lactic acid, oxalic acid, phosphorous acid, phosphoric acid, tartaric acid, Weak Bases: (See links) alanine, ammonia, dimethylamine, ethylamine, glycine,

there is no differences between phosphoric acid and ortho phosphoric acid

No, phosphoric acid is triprotic.

It is a weak, mineral (inorganic) acid. It may be worth noting that "weak acid" is a technical term; it's actually pretty corrosive and is not at all safe to play around with.

Phosphoric Acid is an acid because it dissociates into Hydrogen and phosphate ions. Second Question. COOH- doesn't make something an acid. It makes it an acetate. Acetate is part of a weak acid, Acetic Acid.

It is basic salt.It is the product of strong base lithium hydroxide and weak acid phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid, or orthophosphoric acid

I don't think so.poly phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid have same moleculer structure.

No, actually the acids in your stomach can handle it but if you have a weak stomach I suggest not to consume it.

Phosphoric acid was discovered in 1770 by K...bone ash (1774) and produced phosphoric acidby the action of nitric

0.7 ml of 85% phosphoric acid into 1000 mL= 0.01 M of phosphoric acid

How do you make phosphoric. Acid into hypophosphite

The Chemical symbol for Phosphoric acid is H3PO4

Don't you mean "Where did Phosphoric Acid come from?"

Does phosphoric acid reduce the meats pH

phosphoric acid (unlike the 3- phophate) is neutral.

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