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They are both sodium chloride.

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Can you substitute pickling salt for kosher salt in a brine?

If you are not making pickles for kosher dietary law needs. then yes, pickling salt and kosher salt are chemically the same, neither contains iodine.

Is kosher salt the same as coarse salt used in pickling?

Pickling salt is the same as table salt but without iodine and caking agents added. Salt that is labeled "kosher salt" may be free of these additives and can be used in place of pickling salt but you'd have to check the package labeling to confirm the lack of additives.

Is kosher salt the same as pickling salt?

Picking salt is a very fine grain salt. Salt that is labeled 'kosher salt' is a coarse grain salt. Both salts have the same molecular structure.

What is the difference between kosher salt and canning salt or pickling salt?

It is pretty much the fine-ness of the grind. Kosher salt is fairly coarse while pickling salts are normally ground into smaller crystals.

Are pickling lime and pickling salt the same?

No. Pickling lime is calcium hydroxide. Pickling salt is sodium chloride without additives.

Is there any garlic or garlic salt in you kosher dills?

Kosher in pickles means the brine contains garlic and pickling spices.

Is kosher salt the same as canning salt?

No, they're not the same but you can use kosher salt (coarse granule) salt in a pinch.

What can I use instead of kosher salt to get the same results?

Kosher salt is the exact same as table salt, just coarser.

How many cups equal 1 pound pickling salt?

It depends on the brand of kosher salt you will be using as it varies in strength. If you use Morton's Kosher salt use 2 cups to= 1 pound, or if you use Diamond Crystal kosher salt 3 cups to = 1 pounds

Is kosher salt good for you?

Kosher salt is basically regular salt because salt is kosher. Salt isn't good for you if you eat too much.Answer:Chemically speaking, table salt and coarse (kosher) salt are the same.

Why do Jews use kosher salt only?

Jews do not use kosher salt "only". Jews use any grain-size of salt they feel like using for the application where they need salt. If the application calls for a coarse grain, such as for pickling, koshering meat, or removing ice from the front walk, then "kosher" salt is an appropriate choice. The term "kosher" in "kosher salt" does not refer to the Jewish dietary laws, but rather to the size of the granule.

Is grey salt the same salt as kosher salt?

No, kosher salt is identical to table salt. Grey salt is moist, unrefined sea salt.

Why are pickles deemed kosher?

The term "kosher pickles" refers to the style of pickling that occurs (i.e. how the cucumber is turned into a pickle). It does not indicate that the pickling process is itself kosher. This is similar to how "kosher salt" refers to the size of the granules and not that the salt is itself kosher. Kosher pickles certainly can be made kosherly provided that kosher vinegar and only other kosher agents are used alongside cucumbers obtained withour mixed in insect parts. Neither cucumbers nor vinegar are inherently unkosher items, so using them together is not a problem.

Could you use kosher salt in stead of epsom salt?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt. It's not a replacement for epson salt.

How much table salt do substitute for 3 tablespoons kosher salt?

Table salt is the same as kosher salt, just a finer granule, use the same amount.

What is dietary difference of sea and kosher salt?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt. Sea salt has far less sodium.

What are facts about Kosher salt?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt only larger granules. It's called kosher salt because it is used in the process of kashering meat.

If the recipe calls for 1 Tbs of kosher salt do I use 1 Tbs of the kosher style flake salt?

All salt is kosher unless something is added to it that isn't kosher. Kosher salt is just a large grained salt. Use the same amount of any salt.

Is canning salt and kosher salt the same type of salt?

Kosher salt has greater grain size and generally is not iodized; but the chemical compound is the same - sodium chloride, NaCl.

What is the difference between table salt and kosher salt for use in recipes?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt, just larger granules.

Can you use iodized salt if the recipe says kosher salt?

Yes, you can. Kosher salt is the same as table salt, only a larger granule.

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