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I've never heard of having pinkish/brown discharge due to ovulation. However, I have heard of having faint spotting at implantation when you become pregnant. Have you been sexually active since your last period? If you have had unprotected sex since your last period, you should probably take a test in about 2 weeks. If not, I wouldn't worry about a little bit of discharge unless it continues or is bothersome. In that case, you should call or see your doctor. Take care. Answer Yes! Tat's wat happened to me. My LMP started 24th Feb. It started with a little blood streaks in my cm on 4th Mar evening. On 5th Mar, I had brown discharge whenever I wiped. On 6th Mar, the brown discharge continued. So, I called my gynae clinic to book an appt. The head nurse asked me what I want to see my gynae for. I told her about my case and she suspected UTI or fibroids and asked me not to continue trying for the night. I was worried. When I reached home tat nite (6th Mar), I saw more discharge : this time brownish red and with some lumps of tissues. I thought it could be my menses coming but feeling weird coz' it is just 12th day from my LMP. Just before I took my bath, I saw more reddish brown tissue discharge and dried up fluid marks on my panty liner. I grew more worried. But the next morning, after my gynae checked me, he said I have ovulated last nite and asked me to hurry home to try, since the egg will survive 24 hours. I was kinda shocked coz' this is the first time I have ovulation sign like this! If I knew earlier, I would have "started work" the moment I see the first stains! Nevertheless, when you have this brownish discharge, please see your gynae to rule out possibilities of infections or others.

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Q: Is pinkish or brownish discharge about two weeks after your period a sign of ovulation or something else?
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Could you be pregnant if after your period you started to experience brownish pink discharge?

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

When you poop a pinkish and brownish discharge comes out at the same time what is it?

It is called bloody diarrhea

What is the brown discharge you are having between periods?

Brown discharge is actually old blood. Some woman, especially those with irregular cycles, will experience spotting between periods. Brownish-Pinkish discharge between periods could also be a sign of ovulation or implantation.

What does it mean when you have a pinkish brownish mucus discharge around the time you are ovulating if you had your period only 10 days ago?

This has happened to me, that just mean your period is coming,your ovulation cycle is over and now comes mother nature

Is it normal to have pinkish brownish discharge while on the 18th pill of birth control pill?

Yeah, I get that sometimes. It's no big deal. :)

Is it normal to have pinkish discharge?


What colour is the blood when you're pregnant?

Pinkish/ brownish

How does spotting look like?

Brownish/pinkish blood

What does it mean when the blood in your period changes?

If for instance it is a day or two before your periods and you expect pinkish/reddish discharge; its normal and if it is days after your period and you experience dark red or brownish (blood) or discharge, it is probably old blood excreting your body and its also normal. It can only be something to worry about if it has a blood smell and is continuous.

What color is a cats pancreas?

i think it's a brownish-pinkish color

What color is the skin under there fur?

A pinkish Peachy Brownish Color.

If you are 9 weeks pregnant is it okay if you have been spotting a pinkish discharge for 3 weeks?

it doesnt sound to serious it is probably early pregnancy bleeding which happens to some women, and is usually more pinkish or brownish than a period, if you have more concerns talk to a doctor

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