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No, because it doesn't exist.

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No, because Nibiru doesn't exist.

There is no such planet, it is a hoax.

No. Nibiru is a fictitious planet that gained popularity during the 2012 end of the world scare.

Nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist. It is not going to hit the Earth.

Nobody found it. The Nibiru hoax was created in 1995.

Neptune, Pluto, Or planet X (Or Nibiru) are discovered. On the future, Nibiru is discovered. The Future Year: 2111

No. Nothing is replacing Pluto. Nibiru is not a real object but a hoax. Biyo is not a planet but an asteroid.

The name of planet X is Nibiru

There is no planet Nibiru. It is a myth, so any depictions of size or color would be fiction. (see related link)

Nancy Lieder's imagination.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's not close to Earth or any other planet.

None, because Nibiru doesn't exist. Those that support the Nibiru myth, and believe Nibiru to be a large terrestrial planet (there are many different beliefs among Nibiru believers as to what Nibiru actually is), often claim that it has 18 visible moons.

Yes, absolutely. There is no planet, or asteroid, or any celestial object named "Nibiru", and the specifications given to "Nibiru" cannot exist. "Nibriu" was the name of a Babylonian god of the underworld; perhaps that's an appropriate name for a mythical but scary non-planet.

There is no "Nibiru planet". Nibiru is a word used in Babylonian astrology; it's really unclear what exactly it refers to: in some places, it seems to be used to refer to Jupiter, in other places Mercury, and in some it apparently means a region of the sky and not a planet at all.

Nibiru is already in our Solar System. It is the Babylonian name for Jupiter.Nibiru the 2012 planet - does not exist.See related question

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's a made-up planet invented by an alien cult website in 1995.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It will not come close to Earth or anywhere else.

There is no such planet. This is all a myth. The only thing I could find on Nibiru is Wormwood a star that is mentioned in Revelations. People say it's going to arrive here in 2012 and cause a poleshift, but personally I think it's a bunch of Bull. Nibiru is not the planet you are looking for, it is Marduk or Planet X which are the same.

A planet after the dwarf planet Pluto It Is A Name For A Unnamed And Unconfirmed Planet See related question for Nibiru

This planet (or object in space) is planet X, or as most people refer to it to; planet Nibiru.

First of all, Nibiru doesn't exist. Second of all, there are eight planets now that Pluto has been demoted, so Nibiru (if it existed) would be the ninth planet.

No, because it doesn't exist.

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