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Combination aggregate finishes are stronger and just as smooth if applied correctly. 1 part white cement and 2 parts marble dust is generaly a good marcite finish.On exposed aggregate finishes such as "diamond brite" exposing it by acid washing takes 2 years off of the lifespan. Wait until it needs washing and then do it.

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Q: Is plaster or combination aggregate surface better for a gunite pool in the North East?
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Is pebbletec better for a pool finish?

If it is applied correctly it can be smooth. Very seldom that this happens. Any pool finish that has larger aggregate in it is always stronger. This is the same for any masonry by-product. The larger the aggregate the better and stronger it becomes. As pebbletec wears the rougher the surface may become due to the size of the aggregate.

Why is the plaster on a gunite pool gray in the middle and white on the gunite side and white on the outside?

The finish plaster is normally white all the way through. It sounds like you are dealing with a pool that has been replastered by the method of putting a "brown coat"/"scratch coat" (the gray plaster you noted) over the original finish plaster surface, and a new finish coat of white plaster on top of that. The scratch coat more like a thin concrete than plaster (doesn't have the white marble dust in it) and is used to get a better bond to the old surface.

What is the difference between cement plaster and lime plaster?

My husband is a plasterer by trade. Lime helps the plaster to cure, reduces the amount of spider cracks and helps it stick better, I believe.

Does a dark-colored pool plaster hold in the heat better than a white pool plaster?

It makes very little difference

Is it better to refinish a gunite pool with a plaster product or gelcoat?

there is a product called "pebble tec" that is great. better than both products you mentioned. it is a little more expensive, but looks and lasts much better. other wise i would stay with plaster. from what i understand it adhears better to the gunite.

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The rough surface is better than the smooth surface for the frictional force to act.

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which is a better reflector of light-a black surface or a white surface

How do you hang curtains on plaster walls?

Traditional wall anchors can pull out of plaster walls when attempting to hang curtains. A better option is to use toggle bolts and brackets.

Is pebblecoating a pool better than plaster?

It is not necessarily better, just different. The pebble finish can come in mini pebble and regular pebble. The mini pebble is pretty close to the quartz aggregate finish(diamond brite) as far as texture, feeling. The regular is much rougher on your feet( kids and sensitive soles can vouch for that). As a contractor I hear this question all the time , and the answer is: if you use your pool frequently, go with quartz aggregate, if you care about the way your pool looks, then go with pebble. Pebble will be around 30% more than quartz aggregate. It is really a matter of preference. Premium Pool and Pavers, Odessa , Florida 727 271 5975.

What kind of string needs to be used to form better crystals?

Plaster cine string

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Dull surface is a better absorber. A shiny surface would better reflect than absorb.

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Why do you use blue plasters while cooking?

Most ingredients are not blue,so if plaster drops off it is easy to find

How do you resurface a gunite pool?

I deleted the other answers here as none were by contractors that do this for a living and were full of misinformation. Having done this for 36 years and 15,000 resurfaces with zero bond failures has me thoroughly convinced I am doing this the best way possible. Out here in the west most contractors chip, strip, jackhammer the old plaster from the gunite shell. Unfortunately this seems to do a lot of damage and compromises the integrity of the shell. Having seen many pools that were structurally sound for 20,30,40 years, after being stripped they cracked within 1-2 years. Pools are built like retaining walls designed to hold the dirt back. Separating the plaster from the gunite typically means breaking the gunite to get the plaster off thereby weakening the shell. I have seen many pools that this method actually exposed the rebar in the gunite. This is completely unneccessary. The plaster is usually not shot all the way through but only the top 10-25% is deteriorated. This soft top layer can be scraped or shaved off with air scrapers thereby doing no damage to the gunite itself. The plaster underneath is as hard as the day it was applied. Follow the scraping with a min. 4000 psi pressure washer and then shoot on a polymer cement bond coat. It can also be rolled on but shooting gives a much rougher surface for a better bond to the new plaster. Exposed aggregate surfaces wash off the protective cream coat to expose the aggregate and have a shorter useful life. Try to find a contractor that uses a cement specifically designed for pools which means it will probably be an American made product with polymer and pozzolan additives which densify the matrix of the plaster and are much more resistant to chemical attack. Marble sand was the aggregate of choice for many years but many mineral suppliers substituted limestone sand over 20 years ago. Marble is 100 times harder than limestone. Ask your contractor what type of cement and sand they use and where it comes from. Beware of cement from Asian countries as it is substandard and fails rapidly. Do not assume that all plaster is created equal because it is NOT. Painting is not a long term solution and is used mostly by house flippers to conceal plaster that needs to be replaced. There are no fiberglassers left out here as that proved to be a misapplication of a material to a purpose. IT seems that good old plaster has withstood the test of time and remains the surface of choice of most pool owners. Pebble surfaces are rarely done a second time by the original owner as they are quite rough and not very user friendly. Quartz or silica based surfaces can be subject to ASR or alkali silica reactivity. Do your own research and protect your investment. Come from a position of knowledge when interviewing contractors. Keep in mind that better products and methodology cost more initially but provide many more years of service life making them significantly more cost effective.

Is concrete better than cement to drive on?

Cement is the texture of very fine sand or dust. It is one ingredient in concrete. The others are aggregate (sand and gravel) and water. Cement is the binder that holds the whole thing together. If you mixed cement and water you would get something like plaster, but it would be very weak. So to answer your question, cement is the only thing to drive on.

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thesynthetic surface is better than wood because it let the materials lasts than that of wood

What rock is in plaster?

In lime based plaster, typically used to create beautiful interior polished plaster walls, or to create those gorgeous exterior walls seen throughout Europe, and higher end homes in North America, Limestone is the rock found in plaster. Limestone is created over millenia from fossilized sea shells. To create the plaster, the limestone is burned at very high temperatures and then slaked with water for anywhere from six months to ten years. The longer the slaking period, the better the quality of the "grassello" or lime putty produced. This lime putty is then mixed with marble flour to produce lime plaster.

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