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Is plastic a raw material?

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It is an intermediate material. It does not occur naturally and so is manufactured. But it needs further processing before it can be used.

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What is the raw material of plastic?

The raw material of plastic is petroleum.

What has the same raw material as plastic?


Can plastic be dissolved to be used again as raw material for plastic?


What are the raw materials in the making of plastic?

the main raw material is oil, like petroleum.

What is part PBT-GF20?

Plastic raw material.

Can oil be used to make plastic?

Yes, it the raw material for a lot of products like plastic.

What is the raw material of lenses?

The raw material of lenses is plastic polymer in most cases. There are some lenses which are made from glass materials as well.

A raw material used to make plastic?

different type of material are used for different plastics

What is the main raw material for plastic?

Crude oil is the main material of plastic and its only found in the deep sea in several parts of the globe.

What is the raw material used in plastic chairs?

Plastic chairs are often made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

What is the raw material for plastics?

Each kind of plastic has a different raw material; generally it's fairly obvious from the name of the plastic (for example: the raw material for poly (vinyl chloride) is vinyl chloride, IUPAC name chloroethene). A lot of them are ultimately based on petroleum (crude oil) derivatives.

List 4 raw material that are used in plastic?

# Bowls # Toys # Toothbursh # Bootles these are all make from plastic By MO

What is difference between raw material and bulk raw material?

raw material bulk raw material

What type of oil is in plastic?

Crude oil is the most common type of oil that is found in plastic. Oil is considered to be a carbon-rich raw material.

Is aluminum a raw material?

Aluminium Ore is raw aluminum material but aluminum on it's own is not raw material

Where do raw material come from?

Underground or plants E.g oil = raw material from under ground coal = raw material from undergound... cotten = raw material form plants

What is the raw material of evolution?

The raw material for evolution is DNA.

Is nickel a raw material?

yes, nickel is a raw material

What is the raw material used in wool?

wool is the raw material

What raw material are used to make plastic bags?

EPE(Expanded polyethylene) and EPP(Expanded polypropylene)

What is done to the plastic material in the plastic factory?

what is done to plastic material in the plastic factory

What is raw material used for?

raw materials are what you start making from. example: the raw material of a paper factory can be wood, or lumber. the raw material of a blacksmith would be steel.

Is water a raw material or a end product?

I think its a raw material.

Is carbon dioxide raw material or end product?

Raw Material!(:

Are cocoa beans a raw material?

yup! it's a raw material