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Homogeneous can it be used as one substance

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Is plastic wrap a pure substance?

Plastic wrap is a mixture solution.

Is sugar a homogeneous heterogeneous or a compound?

sugar is homogeneous Because 1. sugar homogeneous in light of the fact that its one compound 2. iron filings homogeneous on the grounds that its one component (Fe) 3. granola bar heterogeneous in light of the fact that its produced using distinctive fixings 4. plastic wrap is homogeneous yet just on the off chance that it has no plasticiser in it. 5. concrete walkway heterogeneous in light of the fact that it is a blend of sand, bond and water.

What is the difference between plastic wrap and shrink wrap?

All shrink wrap is plastic wrap, but not all plastic wrap is shrink wrap.

Is bubble wrap or plastic wrap a better insulator?

plastic wrap is a better insulator

Is plastic wrap impermeable?

Yes, plastic wrap is impermeable.

Which is healthier plastic wrap or foil?

plastic wrap is personally choice, place meat in plastic,wrap with foil if freezing

What plastic wrap prevents evaporation the best?

The plastic wrap that prevents evaporation the best is Saran wrap. Reynolds's Plastic wrap works for the prevention of evaporation also.

What do you use plastic wrap for?

you use plastic wrap for covering something.

Which keeps things colder plastic wrap or aluminum foil data?

It would definitely have to be plastic wrap because plastic wrap is an insulator, which aluminum is not.

Which plastic wrap best prevents evaporation and why?

because it will not evaporate through the plastic wrap

Is glad plastic wrap better the saran plastic wrap?

It's an opinion, and it depends on the situation. In most cases, Glad Plastic Wrap is better, but many people like saran wrap better.

Which brand of plastic wrap is the strongest?

Glad plastic wrap is the stronest ive tried before!

Can you wrap your evergreen tree with plastic wrap for the winter?

Plastic wrap is not a good idea as it causes the tree to sweat. Try a canvas wrap as this allows the tree to breathe.

Do plastic storage containers preserve meat better than plastic wrap?

I usually use plastic wrap ( glad wrap) because it isn't as bulky and it's more air tight. So no it doesn't keep meat better than plastic wrap.

What is the best brand of plastic wrap?

Reynolds plastic wrap is a great plastic wrap for all cookware items. It is great for bakes sales and especially for bake goods such as cookies and brownies.

Do plastic bags or plastic wrap work better?

Depends on what you're talking about. If you want to carry stuff around, I suggest a plastic bag. If you want to wrap something up like food, I suggest plastic wrap.

What is a thin transparent material used to wrap food?

Saran wrap, plastic wrap, Cling wrap

What keeps things warmer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?

aluminum foil is not as good as plastic wrap because it is a good conductor and changes temperature to its surroundings faster than plastic wrap.

Will elmer's glue stick to plastic wrap?

Elmer's Epoxy and Elmer's Spray Adhesive will stick to plastic wrap. - Elmer's School glue and Elmer's Glue -All will NOT stick to plastic wrap.

Which plastic wrap is the strongest?

Answer:The strongest plastic wrap is 'Glade'. I did a science experiment on it in the 7th grade and it turned out to be 'Glade'.

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