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Plies is not engaged.

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Q: Is plies engaged
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Is Plies still engaged?

I don't think he Eva was engaged in the first place.

Is the artist known as plies married?

No, Plies is not married.But he is engaged to a Teressa V----

Is plies in plies?


How many children does plies the rapper have?

The rapper Plies has 7 children.

How can you contact Plies?

Is Plies married?

No, the rapper Plies is not married.

Were is plies from?

Plies Is From Ft.Myers,Florida,USA

Is Plies short?

Yes Plies is short.

How short is Plies?


Who does Plies go with?

plies go alexandera

Is plies a folk?

plies are u a folk

What Is Plies Number?

plies number is 6625712031

What do plies love to do?

Plies love to spray them llamas Plies love to murk. Plies love to get that skirt. Bust it baaaaby!

Is kirk Franklin plies brother?

Kirk Franklin is not related to Plies. Plies only has a step brother from what I know.

What religion does plies practice?

Plies is a very famous rapper. Plies has made several hit songs with artist such as Usher. Some reports show that Plies may practice Christianity.

What is a pet bank?

plies brother plies brother

Is plies family from Haiti?

Is plies family from Haiti?

What type of artwork does Plies do?

What type of artwork does Plies do?

Who better plies or frank lini?

Frank lini is better then plies

How old is plies son?

plies son is 3

What is the best treatment for plies?

Can Plies Growth of Cancer

What is plies nickname?

The real name of rapper Plies is Algernod Lanier Washington. There is no listed nickname for this performer and Plies is his stage name.

Does Plies have children?

Plies has one son, his name is Nijier

When was Plies born?

Plies was born on July 1, 1976.

What is Plies favorite drink?

whats plies favorite drink