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Is politics inextricably linked with confict and cooperation in a state?

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POLITICS AS A MEANS OF CONFLICT long as ther are competteing needs and wonts . and as we have differend opponin and interst we cannot do away with conflict in the state or the community we live.we should understand that politics is with man just as Aristotle said man is by essence a political animal.resolution of conflict is also an important feature Politiic and thus Politiics is thought of as a conflict resolution rather than it achievement

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What is the connection between moral character and politics?

Moral character and politics are inextricably linked because people must trust you to vote for you. Plus, dirty laundry will probably come out during the campaign, and your opponent may use it against you.

What does inextricably linked mean?

It means the things or objects cited cannot be separated, uncoupled, disconnected or the like. We see extricate, which is to free or untangle, in extricably. It is paired with the prefix in meaning not. Two or more things linked inextricably cannot be split the one from the other(s). Example: The DNA evidence and the fingerprints left the suspect inextricably linked to the crime scene - and the victim.

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Abortion. and stuff.

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Jolly Roger

Is weight an appropriate measure for matter?

One of many, yes. Weight will determine the matter's 'mass', since those two properties are inextricably linked in a gravity well (on the surface of a planet).

How are economics and politics linked in Central America?

In Central America, economics can sometimes shift politics into becoming less moral and more business-oriented

How is the UK linked to the rest of the world?

The UK is linked to the rest of the world through history, commerce, politics, and the fact that it used to have an Empire that extended around the world and impacted many cultures.

Who invented first computer program?

Probably the first person to invent a programmable computer. That would be Charles Babbage, although he never built the computer. The idea of a programmable computer and the program to run on it are inextricably linked, one cannot be without the other.

Scope of political sociology?

Political sociology is a study of politics linked with society. Political society has a vast scope for those who has interest in politics, as it provides the understanding of decision making authorities (government) and conflicting parties (society).

How do animals cooperate in garden community?

Nonverbally. Oftentimes cross species integration is more successful than intra-species attempts. Studies have shown that cooperation can be linked to adequate levels of nitrogen and phosphate.

Is leukemia autosomal or sex-linked?


What is difference between linked list and singly linked list?

Typically when one refers to a "linked list" they are actually referring to a "singly linked list." Technically, however, "linked list" refers to the collection of all different implementations of linked lists: singly linked list, doubly linked list, circular linked list, circular double linked list, etc.

What is the relationship between cricket and politics?

In the modern era, sport and politics are often interlinked. With political figures attaching themselves to sporting achievements in an attempt to gain favour with the people they may represent or hope to represent, one may assume that this link is beneficial only to the men and women in political power. But with various sporting incidents over recent years holding a political slant, there is perhaps the notion that the two entities are inextricably linked and that any potential benefits are shared. Cricket is a sport that has dipped into political affairs on more than one occasion over the course of its history. Controversial events on and of the pitch often have a tinge of global politics to them and it is no surprise that escalating conflicts have arisen from some of the most relatively trivial disputes. Over the course of this essay, I shall attempt to examine the link between cricket and politics since the 1970's, taking a close look at some specific examples of cricketing incidents carrying a political theme.

How do politics affect education?

If you wanted to be a politician mp etc you would have to study politics to gain a qualification, understanding and experience of politics. Not only that but it is also very useful to be aware of what is happening in Parliament for the simple fact that it is your country (or even other countries) suprisingly alot of politics is even traced back to history. If you have an interest for politics it would be very helpful to take an interest of history. (The history of politics eg: Prime-ministors, what they did to make a change differences etc) Also every day life is linked to politics one way or the other because it is Parliament who run the country therefor every school is linked to politics(it is parliament/the Government who decide what does and does not happen with every aspect of the country as well as the education side of it all. Hope this helps :)

Where was the Indian National Congress session September 1920 held?

It was held in Calcutta Nagpur. Here Gandhi Ji linked the issue of Swaraj (Self-Government) with the Khilafat demands and adopted the non-cooperation plan to attain the twin objectives.

Is hemophilia sex-linked?

Yes hemophilia is sex-linked.

What linked families who were members of the same clan?

skin color

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Malaysia has an annual rainfall of around 2600 millimetres, which is above the global average, but considered normal for an equatorial region. From year to year, the total annual rainfall of Malaysia shows considerable fluctuation and within the country there are significant spatial and temporal variations. Rainfall is inextricably linked to the seasonal monsoons, with particular impact on agriculture and fishing.

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Yes, it is X linked recessive.

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we can say both.

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No, they are not.

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In computer science a doubly linked list is a linked data structure that consist of set of sequential linked records called nodes

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The gene for hemophilia is sex-linked.

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I tried my best to explain all Linked List. For Single Linked List For Double Linked List For Multi Linked List Hope it will help. Thanks.