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yes it is ok to have popcorn after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out

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โˆ™ 2008-01-20 01:16:25
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Q: Is popcorn ok to have after getting a wisdom tooth out?
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Is it ok to smoke weed while your wisdom tooth growing in?

100% GUARANTEE IF YOU ASK ME. I'm on a session right now while my wisdom tooth is growing and the pain reief is gone while I'm high.

What if you just have one wisdom tooth?

It is ok that you only have one wisdom tooth it is not uncommon... No big deal just not as smart as the average person!.. (just kidding)-dental humor...The unknown is, why are we born with wisdom teeth and then when we are older they have to be removed. makes you think what was God plan on that...Aunt Laura

Can you get your wisdom teeth at 10 years old?

im 10 and i have a tooth in the very back its has part of a gum on it. I call it like half gum half tooth. it hurts :( . im not sure if its a wisdom tooth Ok i added some here,Me too i got the same problem as you as idk whether i have a wisdom tooth or not,i checked everywhere but people says,its "Your 12-molar",and some says,"yes,its possible to get a wisdom tooth in ur age"Im 10 too!:( but it does not hurt for mine,if i have a wisdom teeth...i will shock out like crazy.. I'm 10 and i don't know if i have a wisdom tooth it doesn't hurt but i don't know i asked my mom she said its just a molar. But I'm so scared it might be a wisdom tooth. I hope its not because i hope i don't get it pulled out.

Is it okay to smoke 3 days after 1 wisdom tooth is pulled?

it might be ok, but i would wait at least 7 days

Is it okay to smoke with gauze in your mouth after you have gotten your wisdom teeth pulled?

No it's not ok to smoke with gauze in your mouth. You should not smoke after a tooth extraction because you can have a higher chance of getting a dry socket which is very painful.

When getting a normal tooth not a wisdom tooth pulled is it ok to be sick?

Word of caution: I personally wouldn't due to the fact you are opening a wound in your mouth to remove a tooth. If your body is ill to begin with, get better first, then have it pulled. You leave your body open to more infection and complication. Unless your in too much pain, then you must weigh the benefits. I know its no fun being sick and having that done at the same time. Good luck. I swa the question in a different way, meaning 'is it ok to vomit?' Bodies react in different ways to the shock of a tooth extraction, vomiting might be one of them, so it's ok.

Is it OK to drink apple juice when got you Wisdom tooth taking out?

of course, it helps your mouth stop hurting as much. make sure its cold though.

Is it ok to smoke weed five days after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

The chances are it will ease your pain! Go for it!

Can popcorn make you fat?

NO popcorn is the most healthiest snake you can eat...................unless its buttered popcorn,then that has fat,but eating salted is OK

Is it ok to chew gum after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Yes, it's the best way to get rid of the horrible taste

Is popcorn OK to eat if you have gout?


Is leftover popcorn ok to feed birds?


Is popcorn ok for diabetics?

Only for some diabetics, even then watch the salt. For other diabetics, popcorn is not okay.

Is popcorn ok to eat after expiration date?

Popcorn would most likely be OK to eat after the expiration date, but it also would most likely be starting to get stale and soft. Ik!

Does popcorn get old?

Pop corn gets old but its ok if it is sealed you can eat it p.s enjoy your popcorn!

What is the tooth fairy's name in Canberra?

the tooth fairy. is what you should call him/her!! if not that is OK.

Is it ok to feed cats popcorn?

No. Popcorn has much too much salt or sugar for a cats digestive system to handle. Too much popcorn can make a cat sick.

Is it OK to plug out the infected first molar to make space for growing wisdom tooth?

In cases where it is decayed beyond scope of saving then in teenagers who have 3rd molar still erupting this kind of method is employed.

Can a woman have intercourse the next day after wisdom tooth extraction?

Of course. What makes you think it wouldn't be ok? yes, unless they took your wisdom tooth out of your vagina. lol. i didn't want to do anything except sleep after i got my wisdom teeth removed. hmmm, sex increases epinephrine output, which contracts blood vessels and increases blood pressure. If you don't want your blood extraction sites to burst, i would stick with the doc's advice on that one, just sayin...

Is it ok for your blue nose pittbull to eat popcorn?

Unbuttered, unsalted popcorn won't make make a dog sick, but popcorn could potentially become lodged in the throat, creating an upper airway obstruction.

is there a dentist in the broken arrow or tulsa area in oklahoma that will do free wisdom tooth extraction?

Eodds offer free service to some people 3741 South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, OK - (918) 742-5544

How long after getting my wisdom tooth removed can you eat?

Well i got my uppers removed and i did try to eat some soft soup like cream of mushroom it was ok but i would advise from eating anything you have to chew you have to give your gums a chance to close up and clot i would stick to soft foods for a week then move onto more solids after.

What is the uses function of a beaker?

no. the question is the best thing of popcorn. molly is awesome and ellie is ok.

Can you use Cipro for tooth absess?

Is it ok to take Cipro or an abses?

Would it be ok if you lost a tooth at 13?

I would say no but i once lost one of my teeth when i was 12 and a half... it really depends if it was natural or if it was an accident (like getting punched in the face).