Healthcare Coverage While Pregnant

Is pregnancy considered a preexisting condition if the person purchased insurance after they were pregnant but did not know they were pregnant?


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2008-10-16 16:45:27
2008-10-16 16:45:27

Yes it is, still pre-existing, even if it wasnt to your knowledge. HIPAA is the law. Best chances for HIPAA to apply are if you go from a group plan to a group plan. Evidentally, individual to group and nothing to group are loop holes, so they can probably get out of it, or make you wait a certain amount of time. According to a Federal law that I found on the Internet, GROUP health insurance cannot consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition if they currently have maternity coverage. However, this law does not apply to INDIVIDUAL health insurance. So, if you've changed jobs, and you now have a GROUP health insurance plan, then there is a good chance that you may be covered. I just recently got individual insurance through BCBS and I was pregnant and did not know when I requested maternity coverage. BCBS policy says that pregnancy can not be considered a pre-existing condition and their definition of a pre-exisiting condition is a condition that you can been receiving treatment and/or professional advice and help for for 6 months or more before opting for coverage. Also, they say that except for pregnancy all pre-exisiting conditions require a 180 day waiting period.


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Yes, it is, and so is pregnancy, or the USA anyways...

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If the pregnancy began before the first date of coverage - yes it is preexisting.

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Only if the pregnancy began before the insurance policy.

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is pregnancy considered a pre-exsisting condition for medical coverage

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More and more insurances are beginning to cover pregnancy that is pre-existing. The only way to find out for sure is ask the insurance or the company that she is going to work for should have someone that knows the insurance plans. * In a group insurance plan, pregnancy cannot be considered a preexisting condition. Here is a link to the federal law.

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