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Take a pregnancy test and found out or wait until tomorrow and see if you get your period. You can take the test up to 5 days before your missed period. Hope this helps. There is a 1% chance this could happen. If you have been taking your Birth Control as prescribed (not missing a dose) then that is the point of taking it ... so you don't get pregnant. It's highly doubtful you are pregnant. Birth control pills (patches) can cause your periods to become erratic and that's normal. As the above poster suggested, if you are still not convinced then get a pregnancy test kit from your closest drug store.

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When do you see the first sign of pregnancy?

The first sign of pregnancy is usually a missed period, assuming your periods are normally on schedule from month to month. It is possible to take an early pregnancy test about a day or two after you were supposed to get your period; the results are fairly accurate, but it is suggested to take a follow up test a week later. ...And by then, for many women, the nausea starts to set in. Although many of the early signs of pregnancy are similar to PMS and therefore easy to confuse.

Was there really a pregnant man?

Theoretically it is possible for a man to carry on the artificially implanted pregnancy in his abdomen. But the fact is the almost all the men are very timid as compared to females, when it comes to pregnancy. Females are designed to carry the pregnancy and they have been doing the same from ages. The man will die of the fear, when he is supposed to carry the pregnancy. When it comes to sterilization, most men are reluctant to operate for vasectomy. That is the responsibility of a woman to undergo operation of tubectomy, although vasectomy is much simple operation as compared to tubectomy.

What does intrauterine pregnancy means?

Intrauterine pregnancy means that the pregnancy (fetus) is inside the uterus where it is supposed to be and not ectopic (in the tubes or anywhere other than the uterus).

Is it safe to eat cooked oysters during pregnancy?

Your not supposed to eat any sea food during pregnancy

When should you start producing breast milk in pregnancy?

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

You don't know when to take a pregnancy test?

You take a pregnancy test when it has been over a week since you were SUPPOSED to have your menstrual period.

Bad cramps no period supposed to start on the 8th of April and it's already the 25th Could I be pregnant?

It is very possible for you to be pregnant if you have had sex. You should take a home pregnancy test. Best of luck!!

Is very slight bleeding during the week you are supposed to have your period a sign of pregnancy?

Maybe go take a pregnancy test or go doctors

Does the golden seahorse die in fish tycoon?

No. It's not supposed to, at least. Also, it is possible to trash your seahorse (drag it into the trash can at the bottom of the screen, although I don't recommend this for obvious reasons).

Can you get accurate pregnancy test results a few days before you are supposed to start your period?

It's possible especially with certain brands of tests, but if you wait until you are a day or two late, you will get a more accurate result.

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast 3weeks before your period is supposed to come?

These signs of the breast ,are well into your early pregnancy, not if your periods is supposed to come.

When do you start producing milk when pregnant?

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

When is it too early to determine pregnancy?

pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result.

How soon can you feel early pregnancy symptoms.. I'm not supposed to start my period for another week and a half but am already feeling symptoms. Is this possible?

It is unlikely that you would be having pregnancy symptoms a week and a half before your expected period because that would be only a few days after concieving.

You took 3 pregnancy test they came up positive but did ultra sound and seen nothing?

it depends on how far along you are supposed to be. How far along are you supposed to be??

Can you get pregnant just 4-5 days before your periods are supposed to start?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant at any time which is why it is important to always use protection. If she missed her period she should take a pregnancy test.

How are you supposed to lose 23 pounds in a week?

You are not supposed to lose 23 pounds in one week. It is simply not possible.

How many pounds are you supposed to gain during pregnancy?

Depends who you had sexual intercourse with,,,,bull/cat?

What if your period is eregualr when are you supposed to take a pregnancy test?

if you start suffering from vomiting and morning sickness.

How are you supposed to touch a boy's dick?

In every possible way.

Is the buffer supposed to keep the pH at 7?

Yes, it is possible.

Do flamingos live in the grassland?

they're not supposed to but its possible that they could

Why do some women not gain extra weight after pregnancy?

You are supposed to gain some weight during pregnancy but not after. Then it's all due to your diet and exercise etc as usual.

I took plan b the day before my period was supposed to come A week later and my period still has not come Why is this?

It could be that your period is simply late, or it is possible that you are pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Could you have tested too early if two pregnancy tests give you negative results?

It's possible you took them too early, but it's also possible you aren't pregnant. Most tests can't be taken until the week of your period or a day or two after your supposed to have started. If you took them before your period was supposed to start, wait until it is a day or so late and then take another one. If you can't wait that long to know, call your doctor and ask for a blood test for pregnancy. If you don't have a doctor, look up planned parenthood in the phone book.

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