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Q: Is pro wresting real or fake?
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Is WWE wresting real or fake?

It is fake.

Is WWE wresting real?

Is it all fake.

Is Mexican wresting fake?


Is pro wrestling real or fake?


What is real about wresting?

The Slams

Are cleats from pro direct soccer real or fake?

Prodirectsoccer are a trusted website. The items are real there :)

Should you get fake beats pro or real studios?

real studios are still better qualety

Is wresting real or not?

Answer:it was in the ancient Olympics pentathalon

Is football real or fake?

Yes football(soccer) and American(Australian football) is real and pro wrestling is fake and scripted like wwe and tna

Is pro wrestiling fake?

No it is not at all. Some hits are real but there not really hard. Most of the time they are fake hits.

What is the most dangerous pro wresting move ever?

Probably, the Texas Pile Driver.

Who would win in a fight Jeff hardy or john cena?

A real fight or a fake pro wrestling fight? In a real fight, I'd have to say Cena. In a fake pro wrestling match it could go either way, your mom could kick both their butts its fake depends who gets picked to win.

Was vince and Shane McMahon covered in real human feces?

NO....a large majority of all you see in pro-wrestling is FAKE.....the feces was fake FOR SURE

Was wrestling real 20 - 30 years ago?

Pro wrestling has always been fake.

Is the toothfairy real or fake?

The tooth fairy is fake not real.

Mermaid real or fake?

Fake, not real.

Do people in wrestling really die or is it just fake?

There are no death storylines in pro wrestling, the tributes you see are of real people.

Are the robots in real steel real or fake?

They are fake.

Is non fiction real or fake?

They are real stories, I think of Fake for Fiction, and Not Fake for Non-Fiction.

Is amerie real or fake?

no she"s real not fake she is a singer

Are guns real or fake?

There are both real and fake guns.

What you think Gramfree website is real or Fake?

Is Gram Free website is real or fake

How can test real gold to fake gold?

There are many different factors that can "fool" any single test. Best is to take it to a pro.

Is sasquatch real or fake?

It is FAKE

Is bacteria real or fake?