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Is professional wresting real or fake?

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Is WWE wresting real or fake?

It is fake.

Is WWE wresting real?

Is it all fake.

Is Mexican wresting fake?


Are the finishing moves in 'Professional' wrestling real or fake?

its totally fake

What is real about wresting?

The Slams

Is wresting real or not?

Answer:it was in the ancient Olympics pentathalon

Are WrestleMania matches real or fake?

Undoubtedly, all professional wrestling is choreographed.

Are amok skateboards fake?

yes they are fake because they are not professional a fake skateboard is just one that is not a professional

Is fighting shown in wwe real or fake?

The fighting that is shown in the WWE is a choreographed by the professional wrestlers.

Is Dude Perfect fake?

No, Dude Perfect are not fake. They are professional quaterbacks that practice long shots with basketballs. It is real and awesome. Source: I have met them in real life, and seen their tricks first hand.

Is WWE fake or real?

Professional Wrestling is considered Fake by many. It is a storytelling show where wrestlers fight one another as part of a storyline. They beat up one another for real but all the results are fixed and staged as is fake

Is the toothfairy real or fake?

The tooth fairy is fake not real.

Mermaid real or fake?

Fake, not real.

Are the robots in real steel real or fake?

They are fake.

Is non fiction real or fake?

They are real stories, I think of Fake for Fiction, and Not Fake for Non-Fiction.

Is amerie real or fake?

no she"s real not fake she is a singer

Are guns real or fake?

There are both real and fake guns.

What you think Gramfree website is real or Fake?

Is Gram Free website is real or fake

Is wrestling real or play acted?

In high school, in college or in the Olympics, wresting is a real competition. Professional wrestling, especially WWE, is entirely scripted, in an attempt (sometimes a vain attempt) to prevent injuries. They are actors who happen to be magnificent athletes as well. But it's mostly an act.

Is sasquatch real or fake?

It is FAKE

Is bacteria real or fake?


Are unicorn fake or real?


Is Inuyasha fake or real?

yes he fake he in the anime but i do wish he is real

How do you know if a website is real or fake?

Fre lotto is real or fake

Is beyonces baby real or fake?

How can a baby be fake? Of course she is real...

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