Is professional wrestling fake?

Wrestling as seen in the WWE and related shows is almost entirely fake in the sense that those moves are all carefully choreographed and practised. However, each fight is only given a general outline; the winner is predetermined, but until the end, anything goes and the fighters are taught how to put on a show. There's a bit more.

Make no mistake about it, those who "compete" in the professional wrestling seen on TV are strong, capable athletes in every sense of the word. They could (and do!) end up hurting each other frequently, but this is done relative to the show they put on. Though the winner of a match is predetermined, these individuals go at it for real. Any "regular" individual in a ring with any one of these wrestlers would end up getting a thrashing.

Wrestling as seen in the Olympics (the Graeco-Roman style) and as done in high schools and clubs in several countries is very real. But is more like the wrestling you would expect of two people who are actually physically competing against each other in an attempt to actually win a match. These wrestling events are conducted to actually let the wrestlers determine between them who will win.