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I think you should read the website details I have attached to this answer. The treatment prescribed to you is exactly the treatment I had during my pregnancy with my little girl. I had 2 miscarriages prior to successfully carrying her. She is healthy and fine. However, I recently got pregnant again and my doctor put me on the same treatment and I miscarried.

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Q: Is prometrium used during pregnancy harmful to the unborn baby because your doctor told you to use it vaginally twice a day during pregnancy as it would prevent a miscarriage?
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Can your pregnancy test be positive while you are having a miscarriage?

Yes, because the pregnancy hormones are still in your body even after a miscarriage.

After a miscarriage will a pregnancy test come back positive?

According to a midwife I spoke to, it won't. I was worried I had a miscarriage because of some bleeding, and she said I could do a pregnancy test to find out if I had or not.

Can pregnancy disappear without getting a miscarriage?

yes because you digest the bebe

Can you have a positive pregnancy test after a miscarriage?

Yes you can. Pregnancy tests can come out positive weeks after a miscarriage. but you should still get checked by a doctor because you may have just been bleeding. you can't tell for sure if you had a miscarriage unless you see a doctor.

What would a miscarriage be like with an ectopic pregnancy?

Well you have to speak wiht your doctor about that because if you are expierencing and ectopic pregnancy then, your fallopian tube might burst, so the doctor has to abort the pregnancy, and it would be like a regular miscarriage, heavy bleeding and cramping.

Can you test negative on a home pregnancy test right after a miscarriage?

yes because during a miscarriage you loose your child (fetus) due to a complication to you or the child.

What happens if you use a tampon during bleeding in miscarriage?

Ask every doctor, they will all strongly advise against it. A miscarriage is a pregnancy that your body rejected. The way your body rejects it you will vaginally bleed the rejected pregnancy. The blood that comes out is all sorts of bacteria. The reason why DON'T wear tampons during the bleeding process of the miscarriage is because the tampon is inside of you trapping the bacteria. When the tampon is in, the bacteria has no where else to go. So in turn, the bacteria embeds itself in your uterus and can cause complications if no medical attention is sought. So some life-saving advice is DO NOT WEAR TAMPONS DURING THE BLEEDING FROM THE MISCARRIAGE!!!!

Could you still be pregnant if you missed your period by two days and had 2 neg home pregnancy test and one pregnancy blood test could this be a tubal or a miscarriage?

You're definitely not pregnancy because the blood test would of picked this up. Same with a miscarriage and tubal pregnancy.

Why does cramping occur in a miscarriage?

The cramping occurs because the uterus attempts to push out the pregnancy tissue.

Is bleeding occur during pregnancy?

no, and if you are bleeding during pregnancy u need to go see the doctor because u might have had a miscarriage

If you took a pregnancy test and it was positive and then a week later a pregnancy test was negative could you have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

If you started to bleed soon after, then there is a possibility that you could of had a miscarriage. Pregnancy tests are not always acurrate though and that could of been the problem. If it was a miscarriage then I would go and see the docter, because you should get cleaned out nad the docter will tell you if you really were pregnant or not.

How would you know if you were having misscarriages with an IUD?

You would be able to know you were having a miscarriage because your pregnancy test would be positive and you'd be having bleeding. Pregnancy with an IUD is unlikely, so miscarriage with an IUD is also unlikely.

Is sex is cause of miscarriage in early stages of pregnancy?

No, when having a miscarriage in the first trimester it's usually because the fetus would not make it through the pregnancy. It can be deformed for instance. Mother Nature takes care of it so to speak.

Can an ectopic pregnancy miscarry?

Yes, an ectopic pregnancy most often ends in miscarriage. An ectopic pregnancy cannot go to term because the fallopian tubes are not designed to house a growing baby

Can you travel in your first trimester of pregnancy?

You can, however it is not usually recommended because of the increases risk of miscarriage during the first trimester. Travelling during the second trimester is more recommended because of the much lower risk of miscarriage.

Is it a virus or pregnancy?

if it was just oral sex then, no, its not pregnancy. you probably just have a virus. oral sex can not get you pregnant because you don't ovulate from anywhere were the precum has travelled (from your mouth to your stomach) the only way to get pregnant is to have sex (vaginally). Hope you feel better. if it was just oral sex then, no, its not pregnancy. you probably just have a virus. oral sex can not get you pregnant because you don't ovulate from anywhere were the precum has travelled (from your mouth to your stomach) the only way to get pregnant is to have sex (vaginally). Hope you feel better.

Is something wrong with you because you had a miscarriage?

If you had a miscarriage in the first trimester, which is most common, it's usually something wrong with the fetus and Mother Nature stop the pregnancy because it is not viable. 1/3 pregnancies end in miscarriage so it's very common. Just try again.

If you still have a positive pregnancy test a week after a suspected miscarriage what does this mean?

It means that there is still the presence of the pregnancy hormone (hCG). Home pregnancy tests give positive results when they detect the presence of hCG. It can take days to several weeks for a woman's hCG levels to return to baseline after a miscarriage; it all depends on how far along she was. Taking home pregnancy tests in the first few weeks after a miscarriage is not a reliable way to check for pregnancy because of all of the false negative results, due to the lingering pregnancy hormone in the woman's system.

Can a pregnancy test detect a pregnancy after two months or how long can a pregnancy test work?

It can detect pregnancy as long as the HCG hormone is in your body. So anytime during pregnancy. If you get a positive test then a negative go see a doctor because a miscarriage is possible.

Can ultrasound detect previous miscarriage after 4 years because your miscarriage done after 4 month's of pregnancy means this miscarriage done by delivery So now after 4 years can this detect?

Normally all miscarriages come out the vaginal way but there is no way to detect a miscarriage afterwards. Everything is gone.

Can antihistamine cause miscarriage in early pregnancy took it for 1 week not knowing i was pregnant it looks like it was the week of implantation as i had a positive pregnancy then stopped?

Can not find anything that would indicate that they can cause a miscarriage. The safest ones to use during pregnancy is Loratadine or Chlorphenamine. If you can not take those your doctor might give you Cetirizine. Seems like you had a miscarriage because the zygote was not viable. Happens in about a third of all pregnancies.

I am taking progesterone capsule vaginally my pregnancy test is positive is it because of progesterone capsule?

No. Pregnancy tests detect the hormone hcg which your body produces when you are pregnant. Progesterone would not be picked up on a pregnancy test. If your test came back positive, you are pregnant. See a doctor to confirm.

Can a miscarriage be detected in a month of pregnancy because you have just started your period 10 days late and have had positive and negative pregnancy results?

yes, it happend to me.... i wish you the best of luck hun

What causes miscarriage in a early pregnancy?

In the first trimester it's usually because there's something wrong with the embryo/fetus and it wouldn't survive.

Is cramping in your first trimester of pregnancy normal?

For some people it is normal signs of body changes due to pregnancy but it is a VERY good idea to consult your doctor because it could also indicate a miscarriage