Is prosperministrycom a scam?

Most assuredly.

You are to join with a donation. If you don't submit one, you can still join, but will only get coupons off of overpriced vacation trips which will require you paying more money than they are worth.

If you do pay a donation, you can donate at different "levels". Then, if you refer another, you get a percent of that person's donation, at whatever level they donate at.

Obviously, if you can trick someone into falling for this, you may get a percent of what you trick them out of - oops, wait a second, if you yourself are joining, that makes you one of the tricked!

Bottom line, it's a pyramid scheme dependent on endless recruitment. They are not a religious organization, and I seriously doubt they are a legitimate non-profit as they claim.

If you must try this, ask for their FEIN and the name of the state they are incorporated in. They won't say, and if they do they are lying, and if they actually against all odds really are registered, go ahead and report them, for there is no state that allows a non-profit to raise funds with pyramidal schemes like this.