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Spotting in gernal is very common in early pregnany. As the new baby pushes itself into the blood lining of the uterus, the extra blood sometimes comes out in spotting or a very light period

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Q: Is red spotting common in early pregnancy?
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Is red spotting okay beginning of pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, the most common cause of spotting is implantation, which is the egg implanting into your uterus, so spotting is completely normal. You don't need to worry unless the bleeding becomes heavy or it is accompanied with cramps.

Is spotting normal in pregnancy?

Yes & no. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy that is red & accompanied with excessive cramping is a indication of a threatened miscarriage. However during early pregnancy spotting is very common but you should still report it to your doctor to be on the safe side.

Is red jellylike spotting common in early pregnancy?

In my experience always get spotting checked out. You'll be told it's common and Might just be a symptom of your pregnancy which can definitely be true, but sometimes it is a sign of something else sadly. The frustrating thing is not doctor or nurse will be total honest with you.

10weeks3days pregnant I had very light brownish spotting and cramps but never at the same time Should I be worried?

Spotting in early pregnancy is fairly common, and usually as long as it isn't bright red or heavy or associated with a fever or severe cramping you should be okay. That said any bleeding and/or spotting in pregnancy should be reported to your doctor.

Will stressing out while in early pregnancy cause red spotting?

There is really conflincting research on this, but I personally think yes. Have all spotting checked out because it could be an indication of a miscarriage.

Is spotting black common in early pregnancy?

See the doctor or midwife ANSWER: if you see what looks like black its probably really blood but just thick blood. touch it to see if its really red. depending on the amount it can be normal to spot.

Does a light pink spotting after urinating and only when you wipe mean your going to have a miscarriage?

Hello. No this doesn't mean its a miscarriage hun. Miscarriage bleeding is usually heavy, red and very painful cramping. Its most likely early pregnancy spotting or spotting due to a UTI.

What colour is spotting during pregnancy?

Spotting can be brown, pink, orange, bright red, dark red, and/or black. It really depends on the reason for the spotting. If you are having spotting of any color or are bleeding heavily you should contact your Dr right away.

Should you take a pregnancy test if you are spotting?

Spotting is an early sign of pregnancy as it can show that it would either be your hormone cycle triggering bleeding when you period should have been due or that a fertilised egg is embedding into your uterus lining. Spotting is either a light red like your period but can vary up to a brown colour. It is completely normal is pregnancy and is usually the earliest sign, so yes take a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant!

What is the color of the spotting?

i hope this answers your can be light pink or brown, if it is red in anyway tell your doctor immediately!!! spotting during the first trimester of pregnancy is common. im 7 weeks and i have been spotting the past 2 days and the doctor told me that it was normal.

Is it possible to bleed during first month of pregnancy?

Yes it is very possible to bleed during early pregnancy. This kind of bleeding is usually spotting or very light and is referred to a early pregnancy bleeding. But all pregnancy bleeding that is red in colour does need to be investigated by your doctor to make sure the foetus is viable and doing ok.

Does norplant cause brown spotting?

Spotting or bleeding, brown or red, is a common side effect of the contraceptive implant.

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