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Is regrowth of hair possible after taking radiation treatment in head for chemotherapy?

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2011-09-13 04:43:22
2011-09-13 04:43:22

It depends on the person's general health, what type of cancer and what type of chemotherapy was received but generally your hair would grow back. Chemo basically kills cells that multiple like the cancer cells but sometimes also attacks healthy cells. Before hair loss occurs there are things you can do to lessen the chances of hair loss but you can't prevent it. Use mild shampoo, try to avoid using rollers, curling irons, colouring or bleeching you hair. Cut your hair as it will make your hair seem fuller, and if you do lose you hair, losing shorter hair seems to be less of a problem for some. There is the option of having a wig and try and get it before treatment starts so you can try match your hair type. Check if you insurance covers wigs. After lossing your hair wear sunscreen, hats,or head scarfs to protect your scalp. In the winter wear beanies or caps to bed to keep your head warm. When your hair grown back it is a possiblity of the regrowth having a different colour or being curly when you hair was straight before you treatment. So answering you question your if you take precautions your hair is more likely to grow back but it usually would anyways. : )

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