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A salt generator produces chlorine. Salt is NaCl (sodium chloride) and when it goes through the salt cell it seperates the sodium chloride thus making chlorine. So, all of the above mentioned choices chlorine tabs, salt generator, and chlorine ozone system all use chlorine as the primary sanitizer, just in different dosages. With the salt system, it is run on a lower chlorine level thus reducing some of the effects of chlorine. It can be a great way to sanatize the water, however, if you have or are installing any soft stone around the pool, beware of the salt system, it discentigrates the stone with water splash out. Also, the salt cell's do no last as long as they are suppossed to. I have seen them replaced in as little as 1 year. This can be very costly. I see it alot, being in the business, most people who put salt systems on their pool end up just using regular 3" tabs when the salt cell burns out. Lastly, when you put an ozone system on your pool, you still have to use chlorine as the primary sanitizer, just in lower doses as stated in the last answer below.

From what I understand from my pool wholesale shop, The salt generator is the . The ozone purifiers don't work as good, and chlorine, While the mainstay for most pools, works very well keeping the water clean and clear, but has the Chlorine issues. ( Harsh chemical, corrosive, dangerous to handle, bleached swimsuits, green hair, burning eyes) I am installing a Salt Generator in my pool in the next couple of days, I like the automatic features, and the low cost of continuing service, and the self cleaning of the I am getting. Hope this helps.

None of the above are "best"! Salt systems like chlorine generate harmful disinfection by products (DBP). Look into Ultraviolet technology.


I agree with Jon, the Ozone is not a stand alone system, it just provides the oxidation of the water. You still need to maintain a Chlorine residual of 0.5 to 1ppm. You can use the two systems together for the best effect and the Ozone system will actually double the life of the salt cell.

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Q: Is regular chlorine or a salt generator or a chlorine ozone generator best?
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What is the best chemical free alternative to an indoor swimming pool other than chlorine or salt?

Ozone is the best choice for an indoor pool. You will still have to have a very small amount of residual chlorine to supplement the ozone system.

What is the best ozone generator?

No, you may not be able to rent ozone generators. Beacause scientists have found that generation should be done naturally.

Do saltwater swimming pools produce the same asthma symptoms as chlorine pools do?

To answer this question, you must first understand how salt water pools work. The salt in the water is NaCl or Sodium-Chloride. Every salt water pool has a "Chlorine Generator". The Chlorine generator.. you guessed it... generates chlorine and leaves sodium as the bi-product. If someone has a sensitivity to Chlorine even this option wouldn't be best.If I were to have a suggestion it would be to try ozone as a sanitizer. An ozone system only uses oxygen. Oxygen and Water are the bi-product of this process.Another suggestion would be to have a bromine system. This system also is Chlorine free however uses Bromine, a more volatile chemical.

What chlorine generator works best?

The best that I have seen is the new Magnablu system sold in Australia by Poolrite

Are saltwater pools safer than ozone pools?

Salt water pools are chlorine pools The salt water goes through a chlorine generator where the chlorine is made using the salt in the water. Both chlorine and ozone are powerful oxidants. To the best of my knowledge Ozone is less irritating to the eyes of the swimmer but is harder on the fitting and equipment in the water. A properly balanced salt water pool is more pleasant to swim in then a fresh water pool. and if you use the new salt water system magnablu, That uses Magnesium and Potassium chloride instead of the standard sodium chloride it is actually good for you.

When building a pool should it be chlorine salt or ozone?

Depends on whether it is indoors or not, and if outdoors, what the summertime ambient temperature is normally. Ozone is best used in conjunction with bromine salts, where ozone does not stay in the pool water, but activates the bromine to hypbromous acid (as the primary disinfectant). Bromine has a lower vapor pressure than chlorine at any temperature, so it tends not to corrode nearby metals (as much). Bromine can usually be good for six months or more, with ozone to reactivate it. Chlorine has the benefits of being simple, and being readily available. Ozone can be used with salt-based pools too.

How do you build an ozone generator?

You can build an ozone generator, but you have to be carefully with the amount of ozone that produce, a home made ozone generator some times doesn't have a correct production of ozone and could be dangerous.Read this first: you are using this in a space where people are you will need to destroy the ozone after is is made via "collector plates" Look on line at a "electronic air cleaner" such as HoneywellAmerican Lung Association says .05 ppm is safe--a hairdryer running for 30 seconds in a unventilated bathroom would exceed that, so it's best to by one with the 'American Lung Association' seal on it.$500.00 I bought one used for $50.00If you are using it to kill mold then you need one that produces massive amounts of ozone.That's what I need, I have thick black mold in a basement and need kill it. Water problem is gone.

How to Remove skunk odor from shoes?

The best and fastest way to get rid of the skunk odor is using an ozone generator. At the moment I am tackling with this issue but I don't have the equipment to make an ozone generator. Therefore I am benefitting from sun rays which have almost the same effect of an ozone generator. However it takes more time to work out. Sun rays are perfect for getting rid of the bad odor from any textile or product. It can even remove the cat pee smell on a shoe or textile, but as I said it takes some time; perhaps a few days. Alpocalypse..

How much chlorine powder would be needed for 30000 liter of water to be treated?

Best to avoid chlorine where at all possible, as chlorine is major cause of cancer. These days Ozone gas is being used instead of Chlorine in production of drinking water and also in swiming according playacting to Dr. Farzin banishoraka Chlorine should not be used at all. All Water Clinic equipments that produce the Super water brand only use UV and Ozone instead of Chlorine, and use carbon filters to eliminate all residue's of chlorine in super water. Super-water brand can now be found in Iran as well as Canada , USA, Thailand , Ireland and Australia.

Can you add chlorine to a salt water pool without damaging anything?

Yes you can add chlorine to a salt generated pool. But if you are using a Calcium Hypochlorite you must turn the salt generator OFF for 24 hours and premix it (1 pound at a time in a five gallon plastic bucket) then pour it in the pool. You should not have to add any chlorine tablets to the pool, however if you do it is best to put it into a feeder after the cell. However if you have to add chlorine tablets to the pool to supplement either your unit is way undersized or there is a problem with the generator.

Is a chlorine system or a salt water system the best for a lined pool?

A salt system IS a chlorine system. Chlorine is still the sanitizer. The salt system is there so a chlorine generator can make the chlorine from the salt instead of you having to deal with it. There is no such thing as "best", only tradeoffs. A salt system is expensive even if you break it down per year (with initial and replacement costs). However much less maintenance. A salt system IS perfectly safe for a vinyl, or any type, pool.

where is the best store to buy a steam generator?

The best store to buy a steam generator has to be Lowes. It definitely has the best prices on the product and of course the best quality type of steam generator. Lowes is the store to go to.

What type of purifier should is most effective in terms of removing cigarette smoke?

The best type of purifier that would be best for eliminating ciggarette smoke would be an ionizer type, and an ozone generator type . These two are the best at removing any kind of ciggarette smoke .

How best can the ozone layer be repaired?

The ozone can be repaired. If we can curb the use of CFC's.

What is the theme for 2010 ozone month celebration?

"Ozone Layer Protection: Governance and Compliance at their Best. " Philippine Ozone Desk

Which is best for food plants tap or alkaline water?

Most people use regular tap water, which contains fluoride and chlorine, for food plants. Alkaline water does not have those additives. Both fluoride and chlorine can be harmful to some plants.

Salt chlorinated pool gone green what do you do?

The fact that you use Salt Chlorine Generator does not change much. Just as before your best to take a water sample in to your local dealer to get tested and they can tell you what you need to do.

What are the best DC Generator made in the USA?

Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and Honda are all excellent generator companies. It's best to determine your needs, then decide on the size/model of generator.

What gas is the best absorber of ultraviolet light?

The ozone gas is the best absorber of ultraviolet light. It is present as ozone layer in atmosphere.

Is a HEPA filter better than an ionic filter?

way better, ionic commercial anyway are week its basically static charge . a hepa filter is , well a filter, HEPA and a ozone generator to sanitize afterwords is the best

How do you stop the ends of your hair from splitting?

You can rub moisturizer into the ends but the best thing to do is regular trims and not letting your hair come in contact with chlorine or bleach or even much water.

How do you lower pH in salt water pools?

Muriatic acid, or a dry acid is the best way to lower pH in a salt water pool. This will be an ongoing demand in a salt pool. The PH factor for Sodium Hypochlorite (the type of chlorine that the salt generator produces) is around 13, which is almost 2 times higher than where you want to keep it ( between 7.4-7.6) as long as your generator is producing chlorine you will have a great demand for acid to lower pH.

What is the name of the gas that absorbs ultraviolet light best?

Ozone is the gas which absorbs ultraviolet radiation best. This gas is present in the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Which salt generator is best for pools?


What are the positive effects of the ozone layer?

There are huge positives coming from ozone. The protection from UV being the best of them.