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Part of our evolution into humans meant that we were given the gift of imagination. When a fellow human would die for instance, we could imagine that he was going somewhere else. This was not necessarily a trait that helped our survival, but rather a side-affect of our superior intelligence. As we developed more, we began to imagine why the wind blows, and why there are storms, and why the sun rises and falls. In that way, religion was definitely part of our evolution.

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1) Mankind didn't evolve; we were created by God (Genesis ch.1). 2) Religion has always been around; it didn't just appear.

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Q: Is religion part of mankind's evolution?
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Can religion and evolution be linked?

If you want to, but there is no evidence linking any religion and evolution. Remember, evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms and is a natural process.

What is a part of macro-evolution?

Micro-evolution is not only a part of macro-evolution, it is the same mechanism as macro-evolution. Macro-evolution includes speciation, as a result of continuing micro-evolution.

Patriotism is the biggest cause of war?

no, most of the wars during mankinds world domination have been related to religionone of the best known wars that was not religion related was the second world war

Human evolution based on Hindu religion?

Evolution is based on thousands of facts and has nothing to do with any religion other than the fact that it contradicts many of them.

What part of speech is evolution?

Evolution is a noun.

What is mankinds greatest invention?


What are mankinds earliest civilizations?


Is religion the part of culture or culture is the part of religion?

religion is partof a culture only because if you have a culture then you must belive in a religion. So in this case culture could not be part of a religion.

Is Boxing Day a part of a religion?

its part of the commonwealth religion

Why is religion an important part of your identity?

Religion is an important part of your identity because your religion you be your-self

How can someone believe in both evolution and religion?

I see absolutely nothing contradictory about evolution and religion. We may think we see such a contradiction, but that's only because our little human brains can never begin to fathom the depths of God's infinite wisdom. God has a panoramic view of the universe, so that things which seem illogical or contradictory to us may not appear so to Him. To me, evolution is simply part of the mysteriousness of God's ways.

Who wrote Darwin matters because evolution matters Evolution matters because science matters?

although science does matter evolution might be true to some religion but not to all

What is the name of mankinds theme song?

sad song

Why do some people not accept evolution?

Some people believe that evolution goes against their religion and choose not to accept the scientific notion.

What principles is not part of Darwin's original theory of evolution by natural selection?

Random processes are not part of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

What not an important part of the process of evolution?

Convection in the upper layers of the star Aldebaran is probably not an important part of the process of evolution.

How do todays biologists reconcile their personal faith in an organized religion with their belief in evolution?

I know Christian biology teachers who dismiss the theory of evolution all together. But some manage to use only their "logical" part of their brain when it comes to evolution and think that the seven days mentioned in the Bible were simply figurative when He "evolutioned" everything into being.

Is evolution a mutation?

Random mutation and natural selection drive evolution for the most part.

Does evolution coincide with religion and if so how and if not why?

To get very technical, you can say believing in evolution is a religion. Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Some Christians believe that God cause the big bang and evolution to happen. But if Christians believed strictly in the Bible, then no, evolution does not coincide with it as far as I can see. It all depends on the religion and the person.

What was Athena's religion?

She was part of religion - she was a god.

Is a Butterfly related to a spider?

The jumping spider is actually said to be part of the evolution of butterflies. Regular spiders are not known to be related or part of the evolution of the butterfly.

What is meant by evolution?

In religion evolution typically means how people were created, and how they have developed and changed since they were created. Some people do not believe in evolution because it disagrees with the bible, which says God made man.

Jainism is a sect of what religion?

Jainism is a religion, not a part of any other religion

What religion is the 5 pillars a part of?

Islam religion

What has the author Einar Thallackson written?

Einar Thallackson has written: 'Science, evolution, religion' -- subject(s): Religion and science