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yes Rey Mysterio is still in wwe


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There is no spoiler about Rey mysterio return so we still don't know

Yes, He Is Currently In The WWE

Rey Mysterio debuted in the WWE on July 25, 2002.

No. He is still an active wrestler in WWE smackdown show

He is still on WWE! He Is out with a injury he will be back soon

Well the last time I saw Rey mysterio he was badly injured.either he got releast or is still injured. :(

Rey Mysterio got drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft.

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

image search Rey Mysterio WWE on

Rey Mysterio returned on july 16 2012

WWE is still working out a deal with Konnan to come in as a manage to Rey Mysterio.

wwe rey mysterio takes off his mask

Rey Mysterio is of American nationality, although he is of Mexican descent.

No, he was unmasked in WCW not WWE.

rey mysterio is 40 in 2011 by suhel miah!

No he has a girlfriend.

Rey mysterio looks cooler than any other wwe wrestler

Rey Mysterio is a wrestler who works in the WWE. As of 2014 he is not working due to a wrist injury.

Rey Mysterio is taking some time off to heal a wrist injury.

Rey Mysterio began his WWE career with the Smackdown brand and had been there champion in 2005. In a "draft" which was held this year, Rey was drafted to RAW.

Rey Mysterio has won and lose many times wwe which is not countable.Every wwe superstars and divas wins and loses and its up to their strength

Rey Mysterio was a former WWE Champion winning it against The Miz on Monday Night Raw in 2011, and then losing it to John Cena. Making Rey, the shortest champion in history of WWE.

Rey Mysterio has won the Wwe Championship once and the World Championship twice. This was added on Friday 9th March 2012 (Just encase Rey Mysterio wins another title)

REY MYSTERIO and hornswoggle

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