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No, rice and wheat are two very different crops cultivated independently.

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Q: Is rice made from wheat
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Is there wheat in rice krispies?

No they are not called wheat crispies, they are made of rice, that is why they are called rice crispies.

Is rice made from something that grew in soil?

Yes, rice is a plant. The rice that we eat is the seed of the rice plant, just as wheat is the seed of the wheat plant. Both rice and wheat are types of grass.

What is rice flower and can it be substituted by another ingredient?

Do you mean rice flour ? It is flour made from rice, as opposed to flower made from wheat. Depends what you are baking but try corn or wheat flour.

Is popcorn made from maize rice or wheat?


What is cereal made out of?

cereal houses

What are non wheat flours?

Any flour not made from wheat. Rice flour, for example.

Is basmati rice wheat?

No, rice is not wheat.

Can celiacs eat rice?

Celiacs are people that cant eat any gluten or wheat. If the rice is made gluten free then yes. If it's just any regular rice probally no becuase rice is made with flour and flour is wheat.

Can rice flour be made a self raising like wheat?


What is popcorn made of maize wheat or rice?

It's made of corn (maize).

Is rice somlena wheat gluten free?

The question is sorta confusing. Rice Semolina would the same as Rice flour but maybe made from a darker rice. Rice by itself is gluten free. However if ANY kind of wheat is involved (durum wheat is used for semolina type flour) then it would not be gluten free. Remember, wheat is wheat no matter what type and it will have gluten.

Rice and wheat are monocot or dicot?

Rice and wheat are monocots.

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