Is roasting marshmallows a chemical or physical change?


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It depends on how long you roast it! If you simply allow it to warm up, it is still a marshmallow after roasting, so it is a physical change.

If you like it crispy and burnt, it is a chemical change because it starts off white and then it eventually melts and turns brown. This browning is oxidation, a chemical process where some of the marshmallow's sugar is burnt and carbon dioxide is released into the air.


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Chemical change but it also depends on how long u cook them

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Toasting a marshmallow is actually a chemical change. The marshmallow becomes black and crispy, it also no longer tastes the same. Thus, it is a chemical change.Roasting a marshmallow is an example of a chemical change. Generally when you heat food in the process of cooking, you will cause a chemical change.

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The major difference between a physical change and a chemical change is that a chemical change involves a change in chemical composition, and a physical change does not.

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No. A physical change is a change that does not change the chemical composition of a substance, while a chemical change does change the chemical composition of a substance.

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