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He IS a christian. i dont care what u ppl say but he is. he even says it in one of the videos on YouTube.

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Who is in the rob zombie band?

John5 and Rob Zombie

Which band was rob zombie the founder of?

first white zombie thjen rob zombie

Who is the lead singer of rob zombie?

Rob Zombie, I believe.

Why is rob zombie called a zombie?

because he used to go by Rob Stracher i think and then he was in a band called White Zombie, and then he chenged his name to Rob Zombie.

Is rob zombie a satanist?

No. Rob Zombie is a self professed atheist.

Why did the band white zombie chane their name to rob zombie?

The lead singer of the band, Rob Zombie, went solo. So he was just called Rob Zombie instead of White Zombie.

Is rob zombie a zombie?

No. He is a person.

When was Rob Zombie born?

Rob Zombie was born on January 12, 1965.

Who is rob zombies daughter?

Rob Zombie does not have a daughter.

Is rob zombie dead?


What band was Rob Zombie founder of and frontman for?

White Zombie

What band was Rob Zombie the lead singer for?

White Zombie .

Who is Rob Zombie?

Robert Bartleh Cummings(Zombie). Is a heavy metal and industrial metal singer and former singer of the band White Zombie. He's also a movie writer and director. He legally changed his name to Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie is a musician and a famous film director.

What is the real name of Rob Zombie?

Robert Bartleh Cummings born January 12, 1965 == == {| ! style="WHITE-SPACE: nowrap" | Also known as | Rob Zombie,Robert Wolfgang Zombie,Rob Straker |}

Are there any Christian bands that sound like Rob Zombie?

Argyle Park is the closest thing I've found. Keep digging!

Was Rob Zombie born in Massachusetts?

Yes. Rob Zombie was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA on January 12, 1965.

How old is Rob Zombie?

Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings) is 52 years old (birthdate: January 12, 1965).

Has rob zombie ever lived in Arkansas?

yess rob zombie owns a home in mountain home arkansas in the woods

What band was Rob Zombie founder of and frontman?

C: White Zombie

When did Rob Zombie start his singing career?

In 1985, with White Zombie.

Is rob zombie an atheist?


Who did the remake of Halloween?

Rob Zombie.

Is rob zombie real?

He is a real person. "Zombie" is obviously his stage name.

Where did Rob Zombie go to college?

Rob Zombie attended the University College (renamed College of Professional and Liberal Studies) in New York.

Rob zombie produced what movie in 2000?

Rob Zombie directed House of 1000 Corpses which was filmed in 2000, but was not released until 2003.