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If the behavior concerns you it should be evaluated by a medical professional. There could be several underlying causes.

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Q: Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADHD or something else?
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Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADD or something worse?

It is a symptom of autism, though having only one symptom does not mean you have the disease. Try looking up autism to see if any other symptoms apply. It can mean your stressed or tense. I know individuals that do this, and the best thing to do is relax. This increases tension build up is not good for your health, and can decrease you life expectancy.

Is rocking a symptom of ADHD?

Rocking can be a sign of something as simple as boredom, right through to an indicator of autism, or of child abuse. In short, it is just a behaviour. Although it is associated with some syndromes and illnesses, that doesn't prove causality.

What are the symptoms of coccydynia?

The most common symptom of coccydynia, irrespective of the cause of the condition, is pain when sitting, or when rising from a sitting position. If the condition lasts long enough, the patient may even experience pain when standing or lying down.

Are hallucinations a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

No, hallucinations are a positive symptom. The difference between a negative and positive symptom is that a negative symptom means that something usually present in normal people (affect, social interaction) is missing, while a positive symptom means that something is present in the person that is not present in normal people (hallucinations, delusional thinking).

Can frequent confusion be a symptom of other problems?

Anything can be a symptom of something, contact a doctor if you're seriously concerned about it.

Is whiskers breaking off cat a symptom of illness?

I would say its a symptom of something. You should get an appointment with the vet.

What is the most common symptom of MS?

The most common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis is abnormal sensations. People who suffer from MS often claim to feel like they are "sitting on pins and needles."

Is wetting yourself a symptom of an STD?

Other than an abnormal discharge, wetting is not a symptom of a STI. There is something else wrong.

Can a tight feeling in your uterus when you stand up and sit down be a pregnancy symptom?

Could be! This was my first sign that I was pregnant with my son. I got a tight feeling in my uterus when standing up and sitting down. Also a sharp puling feeling in my uterus when I would turn to look behind me.

Is biting your fingernails a symptom of something else?

yes, hunger

What is the difference between syndrome and symptom?

A syndrome is a medical condition, and a symptom is something that is noticed that may be used to diagnose a medical condition.

What are symptoms?

A symptom is a sign of something, usually not good.For instance, a fever, runny nose, and sore throat may be a symptom of the flu. A loud knock may be a symptom that your engine has problems. Growling and snarling may be a symptom that your dog has aggression issues.In medical terms, a symptom is a subjective indication of a disease or other physical condition.For example, itchy eyes, sneezing, and swollen lips are some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction.In medical terms, a symptom is a subjective indication of a disease or other physical condition.Something that shows up or hints that something is different.

What is the medical term for the symptom ringing in the ears?

The medical term for the symptom, ringing in the ears is Tinnitus. Tinnitus affects about 1 out of every 5 people. It is not necessarily a symptom of something seriously wrong.

Is this a sign or symptom if a casualty complains of pain?

Since it something that the Casualty is feeling it is a Symptom. Good luck on your Pre-Course Assessment Workbook ;)

Are you contagious with a fever?

Depends on cause. That is a symptom of something that may or may not be.

What is Passing blood in urine a symptom of?

Something serious. See a doctor

Can you get edema?

The word edema means swelling.It is not something you GET,it is a symptom of something, many things, infection, brusing,inflamation.

Can my eyes burn during pregnancy?

Sure, they can if you get something in them but this is not a symptom of pregnancy by any means.

What sickness for dogs only has a symptom of vomiting?

its a dog it probably ate something wrong

Is smelling bacon a symptom of something?

Smelling bacon is a symptom of delicious breakfast syndrome. This syndrome has been known to cause fat people. Go to the gym to avoid this happening.

Is feeling weird when you are sitting down a symptom of pregnancy?

Doesn't sound like one to me. Take a home test or go see a doctor if you think your pregnant.

What are the symptoms of Otis ?

The main symptom of Otis is that it tends to occur in elevators. Other patients have reported experiencing the symptoms of Otis whilst sitting on the dock of the bay.

What are some allergy symptoms that I should watch for?

A rash on your skiing could be a symptom for an allergy. A runny or itchy nose could be a symptom for an allergy also. Congestion is something to look for also.

Would i have wind if am pregnant?

Not necessarily. Don't take that as a pregnancy symptom, it can just be something you ate.

What is the etc button for?

Its a symptom in which you try to describe something you dont know of . But you convey to others that you know.