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Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADHD or something else?


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If the behavior concerns you it should be evaluated by a medical professional. There could be several underlying causes.


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It is a symptom of autism, though having only one symptom does not mean you have the disease. Try looking up autism to see if any other symptoms apply. It can mean your stressed or tense. I know individuals that do this, and the best thing to do is relax. This increases tension build up is not good for your health, and can decrease you life expectancy.

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Rocking can be a sign of something as simple as boredom, right through to an indicator of autism, or of child abuse. In short, it is just a behaviour. Although it is associated with some syndromes and illnesses, that doesn't prove causality.

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The most common symptom of coccydynia, irrespective of the cause of the condition, is pain when sitting, or when rising from a sitting position. If the condition lasts long enough, the patient may even experience pain when standing or lying down.

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No, hallucinations are a positive symptom. The difference between a negative and positive symptom is that a negative symptom means that something usually present in normal people (affect, social interaction) is missing, while a positive symptom means that something is present in the person that is not present in normal people (hallucinations, delusional thinking).

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Anything can be a symptom of something, contact a doctor if you're seriously concerned about it.

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